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What Does Adding FM To Cell Phones Mean For You?

Mostly, a more expensive cell phone.

With all the features that smartphones offer (syncing with your computer to function like an MP3 player, apps like Pandora, full internet access) there’s no reason to need FM radio with its commercials, talk shows, and lack of direct interaction (seeding a Pandora station with your favorite band, going directly to the song you want to hear, getting a recommendation from someone with similar taste on Twitter or Facebook).

An FM chip will, however, cost more, even if you don’t want it/never use it, take up room in the phone–creating a limitation on possible future technologies–and would be the result of an unnecessary law (something no one ever really needs); there are already phones with FM chips available for those interested.

So what to do? Advocate to your representatives that you oppose it. If it does pass, you can always avoid paying the increased cost by choosing among used cell phones or refurbished cell phones. Refurbished cell phones offer an environmentally friendly option that saves you money.

Touch Screen or Full Keyboard?

When choosing among used cell phones, you may get hung up on the numerous options available to you. Picking between a touchscreen and a qwerty keyboard is one decision that is not as hard as it used to be, with many used cell phones integrating both options (often in a sliding keyboard). Here are some great used cell phones that give you the option to either use touchscreen or keyboard: Palm Treo 755P, the HTC Wing, and the Audiovox XV6700 all make great use of touchscreen-keyboard integration (Plus the Audiovox comes at different price points!).

A touchscreen is great not just for the novelty, but because there are lots of great apps that use the touchscreen feature to expand game play and interaction. This feature is best if you’re going to be using your phone mostly for pleasure. Another great aspect of using a touchscreen is that it’s quieter than a clicky-keyboard, so it’s great for places where you don’t want to be distracting.

Their are some great refurbished cell phones that feature a touch screen, most prominently the HTC Touch which has a beautiful touchscreen.

Finally, a full qwerty keyboard is a great feature for refurbished cell phones whether you’re a constant texter, or whether you have business needs that you need to meet promptly from any location. A refurbished Blackberry is a great option for those looking for this feature; not only do refurbished blackberries have great keyboards, they have great organization of conversations between different mediums (email, text, chat…).

Have You Heard Of Those Who Have Not Used Cell Phones?

Joel Stein’s latest Time article is all about those who have chosen not to used cell phones. In general, their reasons can be categorized as entirely self-beneficial. By not being reachable on demand (in one call), they hold power over those seeking their time, plus they can avoid a smartphone addiction wherein one is tethered to their email, twitter, and text messages. The upside, say those who have not used cell phones, is that they get more quality, face-to-face time.

However, there are serious drawbacks and dangers to not carrying a cell phone. Now that everyone in both the first and third worlds has used a cell phone and chosen to move into the age of technology, pay phones are rarely available. Luddites who have not used cell phones may be in serious trouble if they run into delays or mechanical problems while traveling, and do not have a lifeline if they need to call a friend or family member for help when out. Not only do those who choose not to used cell phones put themselves in a bind, but they impose on others, whether to borrow a phone or to leave someone waiting without being able to update them of a delay.

If you yourself remain having not used a cell phone, or know someone who is still holding out, there are inexpensive ways to break into the world of technology. Refurbished cell phones offer a great window into the world of calling from anywhere, while remaining a great bargain. Choosing a smartphone can also help those who are uncomfortable with technology use email and the internet, as most of these applications are streamlined and simplified for mobile phones.

A refurbished Blackberry is a dignified choice for any luddite (rather than a flashy touchscreen phone); check out all your options over at cellular trendz.

Recent Accidents Occurred When Drivers Used Cell Phones

It’s already illegal in most states to talk or text while driving, but with recent accidents having been caused by drivers who had used cell phones (either to talk without a hands-free device or text) state police are cracking down.

Now, with a maritime accident that caused the death of a child making news, policies against those who have used cell phones while driving are becoming wider, with attention being drawn to the fact that wireless devices are a dangerous distraction regardless of the vehicle being operated. Many of those who favor the most stringent laws against talking and driving cite that many teen deaths are caused by teen drivers having used cell phones while driving. It is important to note, however, that other distractions can be just as dangerous: eating, applying makeup, fussing with the radio… however, even if you’ve used cell phones while driving without swerving and appearing dangerous, it’s not worth the ticket.

If you’ve used cell phones or other wireless devices while driving, now is the time to break the habit. Invest in a headset for talking, and if you have to text or use an app, pull over. It may be helpful to invest in a smartphone (refurbished cell phones come at a great price if you’re reluctant to make the upgrade); smartphones have loads of features that make it easy to avoid looking at the cell phone while driving: there’s voice command for dialing, and you can set up your GPS to speak to you while you drive rather than read a map.

Ever Used Cell Phones On The Toilet? On A Boat?

The Japanese are known for their crazy and futuristic inventions and now, for those who have used cell phones over a body of water to bad end, there’s a dryer box to help restore your cell phone. Out now in stores around Japan, it’s a last gasp for dying phones.

What to do if your cell phone goes in the drink? Well, first recover it quickly and remove the battery ASAP. The trick is to get the battery out before it can short circuit the phone.

Next, let it dry out. Since Japan’s nifty dryer box isn’t available in the US, this could take days. (Recommendation: if it dropped in the toilet, sterilize it with a q-tip and some rubbing alcohol).

Finally, see if Cellular Trendz great repair service can offer you any assistance. If you drop your phone a lot, and it’s cracked or wonky, they may be able to help. If your cell phone is beyond hope, consider replacing it with a used cell phone. Used cell phones are great since they’re a cheap way to have a new gadget–there’s less worry about its inevitable loss or destruction when you’re not paying full price!

Finally, consider not using your cell phone on the toilet, and being careful when over other bodies of water. Similarly, think twice about putting it in a back pocket or in the waist band of your pants–it’s prone to fall out when you’re in the bathroom.

Used Cell Phones For Back To School

These days it’s not surprising to see a young kid with a cell phone to call their own. Parents can pre-program themselves, grandparents, and a trusted neighbor or friend onto the speed dial so that help is just a call away in an emergency, or so that kids can check in after school if they are going to a friend’s house. Conveniently, phone carriers have numerous plans so that parents can pick one that works for their kids and their budget. For young kids, most parents choose pay-as-you-go plans so they can control the cost.

When it comes to choosing a cell phone, the most economically (and environmentally) friendly choice is to choose used cell phones. Used cell phones are refurbished to be like new, so your kid can rock a trendy phone for back to school without anyone being the wiser. Here are some popular used cell phones that your kids will love:

1) A refurbished Blackberry is perfect to help an over-achiever keep track of their assignments and after-school schedules. A white or pink refurbished Blackberry from Cricket is perfect for the girly-girl, and affordably priced at $107.90.

2) Even more economical is the Palm Treo at $65.95. It has both a touch screen (all the rage!) as well as a full QWERTY keyboard, so they can text as fast as ever. Like many used cell phones it’s in excellent condition. Plus, if you get a plan that supports it, it comes with Google Maps, so your teen driver will never get lost.

3) If you’re looking for used cell phones that can work with multiple carriers, look for ones marked “unlocked”. Unlocked used cell phones like the HTC Dash ($107.90) make great gifts if you don’t know the recipient’s carrier.

What’s great is all these refurbished cell phones come with the Cellular Trendz 30 day warranty, so you don’t have to worry. Plus, still in time for Back-to-School is our summer promotion: type in “Summer” and get 10% off your purchase over $30!

If you break your cell phone, be sure to check out our warrantied repair service!

Constantly Replacing Your Lost Or Broken Cell Phone?

Hard to read what's on your screen?

It seems at least once a week some friend is asking if everyone can give them their cell phone number again because they’ve gone and lost or destroyed their old cell phone. It’s such a common problem, and many cell phone carriers won’t replace phones for free if it’s damaged a certain way (like dropped in water).

So What To Do?

Well, first, see if it’s repairable. Cellular Trendz has a great repair service with quick turn around, and comes with a guarantee. Visit their repair page for a quote on your damage. If the damage is beyond repair, make sure to recycle your used cell phones anyway, to keep the metal and plastic they’re made of out of land fills.

Next, consider buying refurbished cell phones. Refurbished cell phones are a great option for people who want to have an expensive phone but tend to destroy them. Used cell phones are refurbished to like new, so it’s a great way to stay on top of the latest cell phone trend without spending an arm and a leg.

There are tons of great used cell phones to choose from, whether your mobile carrier is AT&T, Verizon, Cricket, Sprint, or one of many others. Consider the refurbished Blackberry 8530, the Treo Centro, or a refurbished Blackberry storm.

I’m Done With My Used Cell Phone–Now What?

Don’t know what to do with your used cell phones? Do you have several generations of used cell phones sitting in a closet? Don’t throw your used cell phones away! Re-purposing used cell phones is the best option, keeping them out of landfills.

There are many charities that take used cell phones. You can find a local charity that you want to support by donating your used cell phones, or you can choose from this selection of national ones:

  • By donating your used cell phones to Shelter Alliance, you help raise funds to aid victims of domestic abuse.
  • Cell Phones for Soldiers uses used cell phones to raise money for calling cards and cell phones for soldiers so that they can keep in touch with their loved ones.
  • Phones for Haiti donates money from the used cell phones it collects, as well as the used cell phones themselves, to support Haiti relief through the Red Cross.
  • There are also organizations that use the 911 function of used cell phones (which works even if the phone is not on any network) to give the poor, domestic abuse victims, the elderly, and others in situations where they lack power the ability to call for help.

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