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What Role Might Unlocked Cell Phones Play In Net Neutrality?

If recent Google/Verizon news has you thinking and worried about Net Neutrality, here’s another selling point for unlocked cell phones: the ability to abandon ship when necessary. With cell phone internet use rising dramatically from year to year, guarding your cell phone’s ability to quickly access the site of you want may be an increasingly important choice when choosing a cell phone service provider.

Buying used cell phones allows you to avoid the contract lock-in carriers require without paying outrageous fees, and buying unlocked cell phones allows you to jump carriers as you see fit without having to buy a new phone.

From brands including Apple, Samsung, and Blackberry, refurbished cell phones save you money, and unlocked cell phones give you freedom.

3 Reasons You Should Choose Unlocked Cell Phones

Jailbroken iPhone

1) You can get the phone you want on the carrier you want. This may seem obvious, or you may not care about which carrier you choose, but the truth is not all carriers have the same coverage in the same areas, and certain carriers with exclusivity deals for the hottest phones tend to be the worst offenders at delivering poor coverage. Unlocked cell phones allow you the freedom to have a good phone and good coverage.

2) Use unlocked cell phones the way you want to. In order to milk every penny out of you, carriers have developed an increasingly bad habit of pre-loading cell phones with apps designed to advertise (NFL sponsored ones, for example), apps designed to lure you into their app store, rather than the one for the phone, and sometimes they’ll mod or restrict certain designs of the phone. Unlocked cell phones allow you to bypass many of these problems.

3) Unlocked cell phones offer a better price. Whether you’re looking at an unlocked iPhone, Blackberry Bold, or Samsung SGH-I907, unlocked cell phones are often also used cell phones, and thus are available at a far more reasonable rate.

Looking To Update Your Refurbished Blackberry?

Refurbished Blackberry 8530

Two “new” Blackberries have hit the used cell phones market: the refurbished Blackberry Bold, unlocked so it can be used on any GSM network, and the refurbished Blackberry 8530, available on the Sprint network.

The refurbished Blackberry 8530 has Wi Fi, so you can use a wireless internet connection to get faster service. Both the 8530 and the Blackberry Bold feature an updated mouse, an optical trackpad which updates the previous ball, improving life and function of the phone.

The refurbished Blackberry Bold notably features improved battery life, so you can play games longer, stay out later and still check in to foursquare, without missing any messages. Other Blackberry updates to the Bold include increased screen resolution.

Refurbished Blackberry Bold 9700

A refurbished Blackberry is a great choice because each Blackberry phone generation is very good–so you won’t feel years behind whether you choose the newer refurbished Blackberry Bold, or an older (cheaper) model.

Refurbished cell phones are phones that have been reconditioned to be like new. This means that you are saving money by buying something that’s as good as new–and saving the environment by reducing the amount of electronic waste that ends up in landfills.

A Girlier Phone: A Pink or Purple Refurbished Blackberry

If you’re looking at refurbished cell phones, consider displaying some personality. There are many colorful options available (especially if you’re considering a refurbished Blackberry), but specifically, I’d like to point out the purple Blackberry 8530, and the pink Blackberry Curve.

Why? Because even with the increasing dominance of smartphones and rising popularity of Blackberry, Blackberry still has a bit of a reputation for being business-y. However, a colorful refurbished Blackberry has all the personality of an artist with the amazing functionality that Blackberry has to offer. Pink and purple have that long associated femininity add a cheeky touch for a gift for a recent grad starting her first office job or for an over-achieving daughter.

Choosing used cell phones not only give you access to unbeatable prices, but give you the added bragging right of having made a “green” choice–you’re keeping electronics and toxic metals out of landfills, and you’re more likely to remember to repurpose or recycle your cell phone later on!

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