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Unlocked Cell Phones: Allowing You To Mod To The OS Of Your Choice

Jailbroken iPhone

The iPhone is well known for the multitude of apps available, but trends are showing that the Android may soon have just as much to offer if not more.

According to a New York Times article, more and more apps are becoming available for the Android, and many more of them are available for free (with ads). One of the main advantages of the iPhone has been that so many developers were creating apps for it, and now, as the Android OS platform is loaded onto more phones everyday, those developers are putting their creations onto droids.

What’s the best place to find a Droid? In the used cell phones market, where phones are cheaper, waste is reduced, and you have your pick among unlocked cell phones, which allows you to remove carrier loaded data, change carriers, and mod the software as you wish (like installing the OS of your choice).

Unlocked Cell Phones: The HTC Shadow and The HTC Wing

Although Blackberries and the iPhone make up the most popular unlocked cell phones, HTC phones also offer many benefits.

HTC Shadow in Bronze

The HTC Shadow comes in a bronze color as well as a green color, giving you some nice aesthetic options for your unlocked cell phone. Other features of the HTC Shadow include a slide out qwerty keyboard, bluetooth, and a mini USB port.

Further, the Shadow has a nicer design and smoother interface than previous generations that also used Windows Mobile. The HTC Shadow allows you to use multiple apps at once, and is designed to be super user-friendly.

The unlocked HTC Wing has many of the same features including a sliding qwerty keyboard, except it slides horizontally, making reading easier, and giving a button arrangement that some people prefer.

Benefits to the HTC Wing are that it’s thinner than many other side-slide phones and has an bright, crisp display.

Whatever your reasons for choosing unlocked cell phones, whether it be carrier freedom, cell phone choice, or better prices, HTC offers some great options.

Another (Money-Saving) Reason To Buy Unlocked Cell Phones

A Refurbished Blackberry Bold Makes For A Great Choice

A new study by the Illinois group the Citizens Utility Board has found that the majority of consumers used cell phones less then they planned for–wasting hours of unused minutes a month and hundreds of dollars a year.

One alternative for people who want to save that money is to find a plan (pre-paid or otherwise) that will more precisely meet their needs, and unlocked cell phones are a great way to help accomplish that.

Unlocked cell phones allow you to move between GSM networks without the hassle (and expense, and fees) of buying a new cell phone for each provider. Often, providers will entice you to commit to a contract by offering a free or reduced priced cell phone, but, as the study indicates, committing to a contract may not be ideal for many people, as their needs may change (if the contract ever accurately reflected them).

What’s more, many phones which are unique to certain carriers (the iPhone, for instance) can then be brought to the carrier of your choice. They’re often also cheaper, since they come either as used or refurbished cell phones. Unlocked cell phones offer a world of possibility.

3 Super Popular Unlocked Cell Phones To Buy Right Now

Jailbroken iPhone

There are numerous benefits to buying unlocked cell phones: the freedom to jump networks, the cheaper price of buying refurbished cell phones, the ability to get the most out of your phone… But these three popular unlocked cell phones really deserve a closer look.

1) The ever popular jailbroken iPhone, which sells out quickly, being priced below retail. What makes it so popular? Apple products perform consistently well with minimal decline over their life, are super user friendly, and have become one hell of a fashion statement. An unlocked iPhone allows you to escape AT&Ts peak-hour jammed network, or to choose an everything/unlimited plan (highly recommended for smart phones) that’s a better fit for your family.

2) The refurbished Blackberry Curve 8310 is popular because of its affordability, and because of the high quality of refurbished Blackberry phones. Blackberries are great at multitasking (running a web browser, Pandora, and messaging), have decent cameras, and have great durability. Once you get addicted to your crackberry you’ll want to take it with you if you change networks.

3) The Samsung Epic has WiFi access and Bluetooth support, making it super handy. Like Blackberries, the Samsung Epic also has a QWERTY keyboard, but unlike Blackberries, it also has a touchscreen.

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