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New Year, New Unlocked Cell Phones

HTC Aria

The new year is a great time to replace your old phones (with unlocked cell phones, in particular, if you haven’t already). Whether you want the great bargain of purchasing used cell phones, or whether you just want the benefits of unlocked cell phones, there are a number of great options:

For the cost-conscious buyer:

The LG Shine has a long battery life, email, instant messaging, bluetooth, and a USB hub so it can meet all of the basic needs of a smart phone user at a very agreeable price (made more agreeable because unlocked cell phones have no contracts or hidden fees).

For the Super Trendy:

The iPhone 4g is in incredibly high demand; 4g means a faster network, which improves the use quality of the iPhone-and remember, unlocked cell phones work on any GSM network, so you can get the iPhone on the best 4g network for full use and value of all the apps, calling, and texting you can handle.

For the Tech-Trendy:

The HTC Android Aria has made a splash this year to rival the iPhone. With all the apps and advantages of Android, the Aria is a great choice for tech lovers, especially those who can appreciate the full-functionality of unlocked cell phones.

Used Cell Phones: An Overview

The new and fancy HTC Aria runs on Android

Whether you’re in the market for a refurbished Blackberry, jailbroken iPhone, or just a cheaper alternative to what carriers sell, used cell phones offer a lot of options.

How do you choose the right used cell phones?

  • Make sure the seller is honest. Cellular Trendz has a 30 day warranty so you can ensure your phone is functional.
  • Do you want a camera? “mp”, or megapixel, tells you the quality. 5 is about as high as most cell phones are currently offering. Some cell phones can zoom, and some have an led flash.
  • Do you want a smartphone? Smartphones require data plans, which can be expensive (it’s usually best to get an unlimited plan, as charges above your regular rate can be outlandish).
  • Do you want to use apps? The industry leaders for app stores are the iPhone, Blackberries, and Android, all of which are available as used cell phones.
  • Are you just looking for a simple phone at a great price? Then I recommend checking out the Nokia section of our used cell phones, in particular the just in Nokia 2600.
  • Do you want a touchscreen or a full qwerty keyboard? Both are available among used cell phones, and some phones even have both.
  • Pick a carrier, if you like the one you’re with, or choose an unlocked cell phone, which offers you increased freedom.

Whatever your preferences when choosing used cell phones, make sure to check out Cellular Trendz comparison tool, as well as there amazing repair program.

3 Amazing Unlocked Cell Phones


New! The Google Phone

Unlocked cell phonesare a trend that gained a lot of interest in 2010, mainly because smartphones took a giant step closer to becoming pocket computers (with speed, strong internet connections in most places, and great apps). They also became a lot more mainstream, no longer just for techies unlocked cell phones because they represent the ability to get the most out of your smartphone.

1) The first phone to mention when talking about unlocked cell phones, is, of course, the Apple iPhone. AT&T does not meet the demand that the huge popularity of the iPhone brings, and it’s network is unusable in many places due to excess traffic. Unlocked cell phones can be used on any GSM network, and with the iPhone, that’s critical to being able to use and enjoy your phone.

2) New and popular this season is the Google phone. Made by HTC and running the latest version of Android, it’s a dream for anyone. With a 4.9mp camera, built in radio, and combination keyboard and touchscreen, the Google phone will likely rise to popularity among unlocked cell phones.

3) Finally, the Palm Pre Plus. Normally, there are some apps that are not universally popular and very hard to remove that come preloaded onto Palm’s pre. Having unlocked cell phones doesn’t just mean carrier freedom, it means freedom of software, so you can enjoy the awesome features Palm provides without room being taken up by apps you’ll never use!

Hurry! Things are selling out for the holidays. Can’t find what you want? Contact Cellular Trendz to find out when we restock.

Used Cell Phones For The Holidays!

Refurbished Blackberry 8530, at a great price!

Whether it’s a child’s first cell phone, grandma’s first smartphone, or you just want to save money but still get everyone the stylish phone they want, used cell phones are an excellent choice.

Used cell phones offer recent trends in popular cell phones while coming at a discount. Select used cell phones based on carrier, such as the popular Sprint, Verizon, or T-Mobile, or select by brand.

Blackberries are great for people who want clean function (and great apps). Increasingly popular are phones carrying Android as their operating system. Of course, Apple is still maintaining the bulk of its own popularity-and is a great deal among used cell phones!

If you frequently loose or destroy cell phones, than used cell phones are a great option. Used cell phones are also great if you’re fickle and like to keep up on the latest trends, but don’t want to pay the fees carriers charge to upgrade, or the high prices.

Don’t know what network your gift recipient is on? Choose among many unlocked cell phones, which will work on any GSM network.

Cellular Trendz guarantees their cell phones, so you don’t have to worry when they turn it on.

Unlocked Cell Phones: Perfect If You’re Travelling Over The Holidays

HTC Aria

Unlocked cell phones offer flexible carrier choice, meaning you can take them to any GSM network. They’re also free of the restrictions that certain carriers will sometimes put on phones. That means that one of many unlocked cell phones may be the perfect travel companion for you this season, allowing you to switch between carriers if yours doesn’t have roaming, or if it has poor service where you’re going (just pick up a prepaid SIM card preloaded with minutes).

Replacing the Blackberry World, the unlocked Blackberry Tour is an updated model (released summer 2009) and is available on all GSM networks and Sprint. Designed for travel, the Blackberry Tour is a sleek device with a full QWERTY keyboard (with a key arrangement that’s been rated very highly) and 3.2 mp camera.

Among unlocked cell phones the iPhone continues to rule, and is an especially popular choice for those planning to travel since it’s many apps offer enhanced GPS, ways to find the best restaurant and local attractions, as well as games to keep you entertained en transit.

Finally, the HTC Android Aria, released last summer, is a great choice. Android is continually gaining ground against Apple, which you may know if you know anyone with an Android as people can’t stop talking about how great they are. Of course, they’re open platform is often co-opted by carriers who load their own restrictions onto them, so browsing them in Cellular Trendz’ unlocked cell phones section is your best bet, as you’ll be able to use the phone the way it was meant to be.

Whatever your holiday plans, make sure to include upgrading your cell phone to an unlocked cell phone.

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