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3 Different Unlocked Cell Phones To Try


Blackberry Touchscreen and full Keyboard!

Blackberry, Apple, and Android phones are all very popular unlocked cell phones, but here are three other unlocked cell phones to take a look at:

1) The Palm Pre Plus has an amazing touchscreen PLUS a full QWERT keyboard. The palm app store has tons of apps including free games, weather, and GPS aids. Use unlocked cell phones like the Palm Pre Plus on any network, and avoid contracts and hidden fees.

2) The Samsung SGH contains many great features, including email, internet, and photos with a 4x zoom. Most unlocked cell phones are smartphones, which can get price. This Samsung phone offers an affordable choice to access a world of information on the go.

3) Okay, I said I would choose things other than Blackberry, but they just make such great unlocked cell phones that I lied. The Blackberry Touch 9800 was released fairly recently, and it offers all the great functionality of Blackberry (great apps, programming, and reception) as well as what has been long coming: a Blackberry touchscreen with a full QWERTY keyboard.

Whether having full access to your software or no strings with cell phone carriers appeals to you, unlocked cell phones are a great option. Whatever features you like you can find them, and you can optimize your cell phone experience at a great price.

Used Cell Phones Are The Future

Motorola Droid 2

Motorola Droid 2

Over the past two and a half years, everyone has dealt with the poor economy by tightening their belts, and for many that includes circumventing the high cost, fees, and contracts that come tied to new cell phones, and instead buying used cell phones.

Not only are used cell phones cheaper, but they are completely in the spirit of the green movement. When you buy used cell phones, your keeping e-waste out of landfills and reducing your carbon footprint (there’s also less packaging-most cell phones come with every tiny piece wrapped in an oversized piece of plastic, not to mention the display packaging).

With everything that used cell phones have going for them, used cell phones have a solid place in the future-as an economical, environmentally friendly choice.

If you’re prone to breaking your phone, dropping it in water, or losing it, used cell phones also offer a great deal, helping to offset the waste you create when you lose a phone, as well as the cost of destroying a new cell phone.

Love to be a part of the latest trends? Here are some used cell phones that are, rather, well, new:

The Samsung Behold 2 has a multitouch screen, 5mp camera (about the highest now available on cell phones), bluetooth, and built in GPS. Yet, it still retains many of the buttons and features familiar to Samsung users, making it a great upgrade for anyone who’s been holding on to their old Samsung for a little too long. Bonus? It runs on Android, the current “it” OS.

Speaking of Android, the Motorola Droid 2 is available for a great priced as a used cell phone. With a built in QWERTY keyboard, 5mp camera with LED flash, and all the other bells and whistles, it’s perfect for anyone who wants to get the most out of their smart phone, or if you just want to look cool.

And  of course, we can’t talk about looking cool without mentioning the elusive Apple iPhone. Continually selling out, the used cell phones market is a great place to score one at a bargain of a price (especially given the demand!). Bonus? This 3G iPhone is unlocked, so you can use it on any GSM network.

Top 2 Unlocked Cell Phones For Artists


Jailbroken iPhone

Unlocked cell phonesoffer contract free, carrier changing options for anyone who may travel, move to a different city, or want the option to change their mind at the drop of a hat. They also offer operating systems whose hands aren’t tied by carriers and their standard apps, so you can use unlocked cell phones in more ways.

The most obvious choice is the iPhone- with numerous apps designed to offer you more ways to use your 5mp camera, and more styles to create artistic pictures-it’s a great tool for photographers. The 4G iPhone offers the best service potential, while the 8GB 3G iPhone is a better option for those just interest in trying out the apps for on the go photo-art. Remember: because it’s an unlocked cell phone, you’re not locked into AT&T’s service or prices.

The HTC Android Aria also offers 5mp camera, but its value may lie more in its open platform (made more open by being an unlocked cell phone). If you want to be creative with how you use your cell phone to create art, especially if you can code, Android is a great choice.

The Most Used Cell Phones Belong To…

Refurbished Blackberry Bold

Blackberry! Blackberry makes the most used cell phones in the country, and no wonder. With great life (good endurance, and a great presence on the used cell phones market), awesome features, and well-thought out upgrades with each generation, Blackberry makes amazing cell phones.

Whether you’re looking for new and unlocked cell phones, or refurbished and used cell phones, there are a number of great Blackberries to choose from, spanning affordable to feature intensive:

Refurbished Blackberry 8800 (Unlocked): The Blackberry 8800 line was designed as a more high-end product. Now they are available at a great price in the used cell phones market. If you’re new to smart phones or Blackberry, this is a great phone to introduce the amazing availability of features and functions available from Blackberries.

Refurbished Black Blackberry Curve, or Refurbished Pink Blackberry Curve (both available as unlocked cell phones): The Blackberry Curve was an exceptionally popular model, and that popularity has continued on the used cell phones market. Available in numerous colors, including black and pink, it satisfies those who want looks and features.

The Refurbished Blackberry Bold 9700 (unlocked) is a more current version of Blackberry’s offerings. Running a newer version of the Blackberry OS, as well a number of other slight upgrades to the hardware, it’s well suited for any die-hard smart phone user.

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