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New Kinds of Unlocked Cell Phones

Motorola Droid 2

The Android Platform is a great choice for Unlocked Cell Phones

In Europe and the developing world unlocked cell phones are common. When countries are smaller, and clustered together on the same continent, travel between them is more common, and unlocked cell phones facilitate changing carriers easily (so that roaming rates don’t get out of control-especially for data!).

You can find unlocked cell phones with 2 slots for SIM cards, facilitating carrier changing for those who travel, as well as for those who want to save money by making only in-network calls.

But to really be efficient, according to those who use unlocked cell phones with multiple SIMs, they need room for more than 2. From the third world comes the idea to build unlocked cell phones with 4 SIM cards. This would eliminate the hassle of changing SIM cards in unlocked cell phones when you change networks frequently.

Of course, unlocked cell phones with multiple SIM cards aren’t available in the US (nor is there any real demand for unlocked cell phones with multiple SIM cards yet), let alone can you easily buy (truly) unlocked cell phones from carriers. But you can find unlocked cell phones that are both new and used—giving you freedom comparable to that found outside the US.

No Worries For Brain Tumors If You’ve Used Cell Phones

Now that people have used cell phones for over twenty years, scientists can measure long-term effects and conclude that those who have used cell phones are not at a higher risk of brain tumors.

Almost everyone in the world has used cell phones before, and although scientists have always maintained that there is no reason to believe radio waves would cause tumor growth, they can now say that despite everyone having used cell phones there is no increase in the number of brain tumors.

If the minor increase the scientists did observe is due to having used cell phones, it would affect less than 1 in 100,000 cases, making it a rare occurrence.

Further studies will likely confirm this for those who have used cell phones and are concerned, but there’s no need to worry that the effects are any more long term than this; scientists estimate it would only take 5-10 years to see the effects of radiation on those who have used cell phones.

If you’re still worried about cell phone radiation, pick up a blue tooth device, which offers the nice bonus of keeping you in compliance with the growing number of state laws that forbid drivers from having used cell phones while driving.

More Unlocked Cell Phones To Come?

Jailbroken iPhone

Unlocked cell phones are a boon to consumers—they allow consumers to choose their carriers without committing to contracts that last years and may have hidden fees.

But some cell phone designers are realizing that unlocked cell phones can benefit them too—if you are only selling through one carrier, your phones only reach a small percentage of the market. Some designers have different phones they sell through certain carriers, but Apple, for instance, has generally been limited to AT&T, and now Verizon, with only one true model.

Google and a few other cell phone creators have made attempts in the past, but carriers simply used the unlocked cell phones they created to add even more restrictions, unwanted apps, and bulk to the phone.

Now there is rumor that Apple’s next phone, a sort of iPhone mini, may be unlocked, allowing them to (carrier willing) sell through every carrier. Of course, if the carriers are unwilling, unlocked cell phones are easily sold in regular stores, such as the Apple store, which is already in cities all over the country.

Whether or not this rumor turns out to be true, and whether or not Apple follows through on releasing unlocked cell phones, unlocked cell phones are still available online through reputable retailers. Even if cell phone creators aren’t benefiting from unlocked cell phones, consumers still can.

Have You Used Cell Phones In School Zones? Well, No More.

Having used cell phones to text or dial while driving has been proven dangerous.

The period where Americans used cell phones in cars is coming to a close-states who haven’t already banned hand held cell phones in cars are now banning the use of cell phones in school zones.

The argument, of course, is that drivers have used cell phones to make school zones dramatically more dangerous. If you’ve used cell phones to text, dial, or check GPS, then you haven’t been watching to see if small children are running into the street.

Arkansas and Texas are so far leading the way, with bans stopping drivers who have traditionally used cell phones in school zones, and Arkansas creating the addition to stop those who have used cell phones in work zones, where highway work men are already at a high risk for an accident.

Of course, many cell phones have blue tooth now, so you can use a hand free head set and voice dialling to make a call when necessary. And if you’ve used cell phones GPS feature to navigate through school zones, you can still do that.

If your phone is outdated, and not compatible with either voice dialling or easy to use ear pieces, then your days of having used cell phones while driving are over.

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