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Cell Phones As Credit Cards?

Now Google's Turning Your Phone Into A Credit Card

Yes! With Google‘s new wallet app, you’ll be able to pay with your cell phone starting this summer!

What’s the best cell phone for this purpose?

Early critics are saying that while Google’s planning is pretty thorough (used cell phones will have to have a special tamper proof chip that stores the credit card data) there’s still two possible holes: users and con artists.

Users need to pick a pin for their info that isn’t 1111 or 1234. They also need to be aware of spam apps that mimic Google’s Wallet.

Investing in an iPhone may be a good way to go, since Apple has to approve all the apps in their store.

If you’re waiting to upgrade to a Google wallet capable phone, why not make a cheap upgrade now with a used cell phone? You won’t be stuck with it since there’s no contract with used cell phones, and you can get them for much cheaper (so you can often get a nicer phone!).

Then when Wallet enabled phones are released, you can recycle your used cell phones. When you buy used cell phones and recycle them, you’re saving the planet a little bit at a time.

Used cell phones also come in handy if you’re prone to lose or destroy your phones, or if you want a spare for travelling.

The Most Popular Unlocked Cell Phones

Jailbroken iPhones reign supreme among unlocked cell phones!

The most popular brands make cell phones with happy afterlifes as unlocked cell phones. Why? People who couldn’t get the phone on their carrier when it first came out get to enjoy it, people who want to save money benefit, and people who want versatility from popular phones choose unlocked cell phones.

Even with new companies entering the market, three brands continue to dominate among unlocked cell phones:

3) HTC. Popular, HTC makes cell phones that have features everyone wants, at a reasonable price. Reborn as unlocked cell phones, the wave of popularity extends the price of HTC phones while the price gets even better.

2) Blackberry. Ever the classy phone, Blackberry cell phones are also quire durable. As unlocked cell phones the off a great price as well as flexibility to the business traveller. Blackberry unlocked cell phones stay on the market quite a long time, a testament to their great design.

3) Apple. The clamor for iPhones is no quieter in the unlocked cell phones market; in fact, the clamour for unlocked cell phones of the Apple variety is quite loud, making Apple number one in unlocked cell phones. Of course, this has a lot to do with poor carrier quality (which may improve now that Verizon is competing with AT&T). In any case, unlocked iPhone cell phones offer Apple lovers a chance to enjoy the beauty, simplicity, and function of Apple phones on the carrier of their choice.

When Should Children Have Cell Phones?

Colorful used cell phones appeal to kids

With more people replacing land lines with cell phones, (and with phones becoming increasingly appealing to children), it’s becoming a discussion: when is the appropriate age to give kids cell phones? While certainly it varies by family situation, there are issues of maturity, safety, and cost to consider.

  • Used cell phones can cut into the cost of giving kids access to their own cell phone. Used cell phones are a fraction of the price, and due to hipster fickleness, used cell phones are often available in the models that are hot right now.
  • Having kids share a used cell phone as needed can also help teach responsibility, since they will hold each other accountable as well, and it can limit the cost of adding multiple lines to a plan.
  • Interested parents can also find older models of used cell phones, which can be a way of limiting their kids use of the cell phone (limiting internet, or by getting a phone that pre-dates smart phones).
  • Having kids pay for their phone line can teach them about responsibility and the value of a dollar. Many plans let you add lines to a family plan for as little as $10 a month.
  • Finally, used cell phones remove some of the worry that a kid will lose or break the cell phone. Since used cell phones are cheaper and don’t require contracts or fees to purchase or upgrade, you can replace a phone, or reward a responsible child with a newer used cell phone at your own pace and for a fraction of the price.

For what other moms are doing, check out this article.

What Are The Best Unlocked Cell Phones?




Motorola Droid 2

Motorola Droid 2

Boing Boing posted a handy list o the “most hackable Android cell phones”, namely, which phones are the easiest to turn into unlocked cell phones.

Why Create Android Unlocked Cell Phones?

Many carriers limit Android; although there are frequent updates that improve the software, they aren’t available to the vase majority of consumers. Unlocked cell phones can get the updates, thereby allowing users to truly use Android cell phones.

So Which Unlocked Cell Phones Work Best?

Anything by Sony is easily unlocked and works well.  If you are new to unlocked cell phones, the popular Samsung Galaxy S makes an (easy) and great unlocked cell phones.

Should You Create Unlocked Cell Phones By Yourself?

No! Truth be told, unlocked cell phones are no longer covered by the warranty, and there’s a lot that can go wrong when trying to create unlocked cell phones (that can lead to a completely useless cell phone, or brick).

Instead, buy unlocked cell phones, or send yours in to a reputable website.

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