Maintain Control With Unlocked Cell Phones

Could the next generation have infrared? Maintain control with unlocked cell phones!

Recent news suggests that future iPhones (and, likely following, all smartphones) will have infrared. What is infrared? It’s a way for gadgets to talk to each other over a short range, and unlocked cell phones may be the only way to maintain control over this technology.

Infrared could be used, for example, to allow a museum exhibit to send you more information, specifically in a multimedia format (audio or video, for example). You may have seen infrared if you’ve played multiplayer on a DS, but in that instance you generally initiate the function; this new version would be on all the time, except, of course, for those who maintain control with unlocked cell phones.

The dark side to infrared: at malls (for instance), you may receive targeted advertising (remember pop-up ads?). It could also be used to override some or all of your cell phone’s operations in certain places. For example, you may not be able to use it in movie theaters.

How to avoid this likely future? Unlocked cell phones. With unlocked cell phones, you can override carrier restrictions/apps, and depending on the amount of benefit infrared offers, turn off the entire function. Unlocked cell phones allow you to maintain control over the software and hardware of your phone. Apps can sometimes behave similarly, but carriers control the gateway to apps, unless of course you cut them out of control with an unlocked cell phone!

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