Unlocked Cell Phones Coming To Apple?

Truly unlocked? Unlocked cell phones will always be available from third party vendors.

While many are excited about the unlocked iPhone 4 now available, other news broke this week about Apple possibly putting infrared into future generations of their phones, tablets, and gadgets.

Will infrared change the future of unlocked cell phones? If Apple is releasing unlocked cell phones like the iPhone 4, will that change the meaning of unlocked cell phones?

Currently, their are two dimensions to having unlocked cell phones: being able to move between carriers, and being able to control the software on your phone (and sometimes, how the hardware works via the software).

Of course, carriers and many developers want to focus on the first element of unlocked cell phones: carrier freedom. With technology like infrared, they will still be able to control your phone.

Of course, that’s only if you buy unlocked cell phones from developers. It’s hard to guard tech, and there’s every reason to believe that you will be able to create unlocked cell phones (or jailbroken) that allow you to keep control over you unlocked cell phones.

If infrared takes control of your cell phone in malls, concert venues, and movies theatres, unlocked cell phones may be able to give you back control. Whith unlocked cell phones (or jailbroken) software restrictions can be overidden, preferences set, or an app added that blocks unwanted use of you cell phone.

To keep an eye on the direction of unlocked cell phones, be sure to visit trusted retailers of unlocked cell phones.

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