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A Holiday Message About Your Used Cell Phones

Upgraded your iPhone? Sell the old one.

Did you get a new cell phone for Christmas? Don’t throw away your old one!

Used cell phones have life long after their first use, and the metals in them can not only poison ground and water if thrown in a land fill, but some of them are rare and can be valuably recycled.

To remind us of this, Tran Hoang Quan of Westcom Electronics Supermarket in Vietnam spent over 8 months collecting used cell phones in order to string them together and make a Christmas Tree/work of art to remind people that what they are done with may not necessary be trash.

Get value out of your used cell phones with Cash 4 Phones. Your used cell phone may be turned into a refurbished cell phone that may be more affordable for many people, or unlocked for those who want to save more with secret no-contract phone plans.

If you don’t want to wait for the free envelope that allows you to send in your phone, you can always donate used cell phones to the local cause most in need. Low income families, battered women, and soldiers are often collecting used cell phones, which can still be used in emergencies, or to help soldiers call home during the holidays.

Start the holidays without junk. Recycle your used cell phones today.

Looking For A Worldly Unlocked Cell Phone?

In the US, Apple reigns supreme, but for worldwide smartphones… look to Samsung.

Samsung is the leading retailer for smartphones worldwide (Nokia leads phones in general). If you’re looking to be cool when you travel with an unlocked cell phone, look into Samsung.

Unlocked cell phones allow you to switch SIM cards so you can get the rates of the local cell phone service provider.

When travelling, you can go on roaming…which gets even worse internationally! Prepaying for minutes and texts on a reginonal sim card (or getting a tempoary plan if you need to use data) is a much smarter option, but only if you have an unlocked cell phone!

Make sure that you pick an unlocked cell phone that is manufactured to work globally. Depending on your needs, you might pick a Samsung smartphone like the Galaxy S or go with something simpler like a Nokia.

Even if you’re not travelling this winter, think ahead to summer with your next cell phone purchase. Dream of Asia, of Europe, and of all the exciting restaurants your phone can guide you to (as well as the help it can call in an emergency).

Of course, some people may prefer to travel tech free. Even then, it might be wise to bring at least one unlocked cell phone per group.

Find Ways To Save Money On Cell Phones

Available for Sprint.

Hidden cell phone costs are rising. If you don’t have an unlimited plan, it’s time to look for one. A used cell phone is an affordable way to change plans, if your current service has fees for cancelling.

Why are costs rising? HR 3035 could soon pass, and companies, debt collectors (fake debt collectors), and other nefarious businesses will soon be able to robocall your cell phone, text you, junk fax you (if you still have one), and ignore the fact that you signed up with the do not call registry, or that your state has laws against such things.

Make sure to contact your representatives and tell them you don’t want to see HR 3035 passed.

If you lack faith they’ll do the right thing, start saving money now by shopping used cell phones. If you pick a used cell phone that’s unlocked, you can easily take it to a carrier that has a better rate. That way when you get unsolicited calls and texts, the price won’t be so high.

Sprint and some local, smaller carriers still have unlimited phone plans. Then all you have to do is ignore the unwanted calls, not pay for them. Just bring in your used cell phone and have them help you put in the new SIM card (unless you’re going to Sprint, in which case you need a Sprint used cell phone), and transfer your phone book, photos, and more.

Remember, used cell phones are great gifts for kids and younger family members. Share in the comments how you saved money with used cell phones.


AT&T, T-Mobile Customers Should Stick With Unlocked Cell Phones

Beginning with the proposal from AT&T to buy T-Mobile, both companies have eperienced many ups and downs, and not without affect on the customers. To avoid the confusion, and the uncertain future, rather than renew contracts, get the freedom of unlocked cell phones.

When the merger was first proposed, T-Mobile halted many of its practices, some of which benefitted T-Mobile customers, like getting rid of their collections department. Of course, they’ve also stopped practices that would better service (for example, unless you have an unlocked cell phone, iPhone 4S isn’t on T-Mobile).

For AT&Ts part, the governments no vote on the merger has made them act a little crazy. The largest network, trying to shrink to a permissable size meant selling off spectrum, i.e., your phones service & roaming quality.

Furthermore, if the deal doesn’t go through, AT&T, per the deal, has to give even more spectrum to T-Mobile, as well as billions of dollars in penalties.

If you’re a customer of either company, it would be well worth while to switch to an unlocked cell phone that you can take with you if service tanks, the company sells into unfavorable terms, or something new and (probably) worse happens.

Unlocked cell phones also give you the ability to exist without a contract, meaning you can walk away easily. With the current ups and down the leading and third leading mobile companies are going through, the freedom of unlocked cell phones is doubtless worthwhile!

How To Use Cell Phones At Parties

Don't use your Blackberry as a Crackberry!

Cell phones do everything. Arguing about what year The Matrix was released? Just use your imdb app. Want to set an alarm for the third dish simmering, but out of kitchen clocks? Use your phone-and name it to keep it straight! Want to let the host know you’ll be 15 minutes late? Send her a text!

But it can quickly become inapproriate to over-use cell phones when in social situations. At the dinner table, for example, your phone should be on vibrate (if at all!) and you should excuse yourself to take a call—only if it’s really important, like your grandma got lost finding your new pad.

And then, of course, there’s mingling. You can use cell phones as important social tools, trading contact information, enhancing conversations with instant-data, playing social media games together (for the younger crowd). Just make sure that you aren’t using cell phones to isolate yourself.

If you want bragging rights this holiday season, make sure you let your friends know how you saved money by buying used or refurbished cell phones. Opt out of contracts and save around $20 a month, plus get the benefit of a cheaper phone so you have more money to spend on holiday gifts!

Plus, used cell phones usually get cheaper at the end of the year when new models come out. If your phone is broken, don’t wait another year for when you’re resigning your contract, get yourself a new phone now (make it affordable by buying used!)

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