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More Reason For The Flexibility Of Unlocked Cell Phones

Now Google's Turning Your Phone Into A Credit Card

Most people already appreciate that unlocked cell phones help you switch carriers more easily. You can buy unlocked cell phones cheaply online (no fees or contracts), and then you can switch carriers, if, say, they change policies and limit data to 2GB/month!

But a new assortment of data shows that there may be other concerns when choosing a carrier, or deciding when to leave one using your unlocked cell phone.

It turns out, carriers store different amounts of information about you for different periods of time. Verizon seems to be the worst offender, actually storing the content of text messages, and keep IP data the longest.

T-Mobile, AT&T and Sprint all keep data for differing lengths of time. If you’re concerned, make sure you have unlocked cell phones so that you can change to the best carrier for your needs/preferences, and since unlocked cell phones = jail broken cell phones usually, if there’s ever an app (like Tor for phones or something) that can help ensure privacy, it probably won’t be available in official app stores so best have unlocked cell phones!

What tips do you have for ensuring privacy when using cell phones? How do you adapt unlocked cell phones to enhance your privacy? Share your cell phone tips in the comments!

An Anticipated Used Cell Phone

Motorolla’s Droid Bionic was recently released, but reviews suggest that it’s a phone you’d rather buy used. Cell phones released from carriers often come pre-loaded with junk, and to get a good price the carrier will lock you into a contract (and Verizon, the Bionic’s carrier, doesn’t always have the best prices or reception).

So, wait until it’s an unlocked, used cell phone. It will be jailbroke of unwanted crap, and you will likely get a better price (or similar price sans contract & fees!).

Why else wait for used cell phones? Although it’s got a sleeker body with faster hardware, it’s not scoring high in reviews. The screen is a bit much, and it got a bit thrown together as the release date approached (including an up-to-date pic not being available).

If you wait for it to hit the used cell phones market, you might change your mind, even. Other used cell phones, like the well reviewed Samsung phones, will also be available, making it a good time to upgrade to 4G in a few months (plus, when Apple’s iPhone 5 comes out, prices will likely fall on non-Apple 4G phone in the used cell phones market).

What do you think of the new Droid Bionic?

Want To Avoid The Upcoming iPhone Fight?

Unlocked Cell Phones Lead To Carrier Freedom

Soon AT&T will lose it’s monopoly on the iPhone, with Verizon gaining an edge in the market.

But as AT&T has pointed out (in the beginning of what looks to be some mean back-and-forth advertising), Verizon is not as fast as AT&T, and iPhone users tend to be heavy on apps and social media, meaning they have certain expectations.

On the other hand, Verizon can counter, they cover more areas, so bandwidth aside, you’re less likely to have dropped calls, and it will be easier to travel.

Not sure which carrier will come out ahead? Want to avoid the battle entirely? Switch to unlocked cell phones (or a jailbroken iPhone). Once you’ve jailbroken your iPhone, you can use it to hop networks as is the ability of unlocked cell phones.

If you are locked in a contract, then consider buying unlocked cell phones online. This allows you to  look for cheaper unlocked cell phones that don’t come with carrier strings.

Then you can jump sides in the AT&T-Verizon war, using your unlocked cell phones.

Unlocked Cell Phones: A Legal Right

Palm is one company moving toward unlocked cell phones.

You may have heard that many carriers and cell phone manufacturers are dead against unlocked cell phones. Apple even tried to making jailbreaking the iPhone against its copyright on the phone. However, last summer, the federal government ruled that jailbreaking phones (turning them into unlocked cell phones) is not illegal, or at least not protected by copyright.

For many phones, however, it does void the warranty. Unlocked cell phones destroy exclusivity contracts cell phone manufacturers make with carriers, such as the iPhone with AT&T, and now Verizon.

But exclusivity creates a huge problem with demand—popular phones like the iPhone are wanted the world over (and certainly the US over), but carriers are not always available, don’t always provide adequate bandwidth for powerful phones like the iPhone, and don’t always provide quality service. The only answer, then, is unlocked cell phones.

But should you jailbreak it yourself? Probably not. If you do it wrong, your risk turning your expensive smartphone into a brick. Rather, buy unlocked cell phones from reputable retailers, or send them in to become unlocked cell phones by the same.

What’s the advantage of unlocked cell phones? Have the phone of your choice in the region of your choosing, on the best (or most reliable) carrier, and control what you do with the phone when you upgrade.

More Unlocked Cell Phones To Come?

Jailbroken iPhone

Unlocked cell phones are a boon to consumers—they allow consumers to choose their carriers without committing to contracts that last years and may have hidden fees.

But some cell phone designers are realizing that unlocked cell phones can benefit them too—if you are only selling through one carrier, your phones only reach a small percentage of the market. Some designers have different phones they sell through certain carriers, but Apple, for instance, has generally been limited to AT&T, and now Verizon, with only one true model.

Google and a few other cell phone creators have made attempts in the past, but carriers simply used the unlocked cell phones they created to add even more restrictions, unwanted apps, and bulk to the phone.

Now there is rumor that Apple’s next phone, a sort of iPhone mini, may be unlocked, allowing them to (carrier willing) sell through every carrier. Of course, if the carriers are unwilling, unlocked cell phones are easily sold in regular stores, such as the Apple store, which is already in cities all over the country.

Whether or not this rumor turns out to be true, and whether or not Apple follows through on releasing unlocked cell phones, unlocked cell phones are still available online through reputable retailers. Even if cell phone creators aren’t benefiting from unlocked cell phones, consumers still can.

Used Cell Phones Are The Future

Motorola Droid 2

Motorola Droid 2

Over the past two and a half years, everyone has dealt with the poor economy by tightening their belts, and for many that includes circumventing the high cost, fees, and contracts that come tied to new cell phones, and instead buying used cell phones.

Not only are used cell phones cheaper, but they are completely in the spirit of the green movement. When you buy used cell phones, your keeping e-waste out of landfills and reducing your carbon footprint (there’s also less packaging-most cell phones come with every tiny piece wrapped in an oversized piece of plastic, not to mention the display packaging).

With everything that used cell phones have going for them, used cell phones have a solid place in the future-as an economical, environmentally friendly choice.

If you’re prone to breaking your phone, dropping it in water, or losing it, used cell phones also offer a great deal, helping to offset the waste you create when you lose a phone, as well as the cost of destroying a new cell phone.

Love to be a part of the latest trends? Here are some used cell phones that are, rather, well, new:

The Samsung Behold 2 has a multitouch screen, 5mp camera (about the highest now available on cell phones), bluetooth, and built in GPS. Yet, it still retains many of the buttons and features familiar to Samsung users, making it a great upgrade for anyone who’s been holding on to their old Samsung for a little too long. Bonus? It runs on Android, the current “it” OS.

Speaking of Android, the Motorola Droid 2 is available for a great priced as a used cell phone. With a built in QWERTY keyboard, 5mp camera with LED flash, and all the other bells and whistles, it’s perfect for anyone who wants to get the most out of their smart phone, or if you just want to look cool.

And  of course, we can’t talk about looking cool without mentioning the elusive Apple iPhone. Continually selling out, the used cell phones market is a great place to score one at a bargain of a price (especially given the demand!). Bonus? This 3G iPhone is unlocked, so you can use it on any GSM network.

Used Cell Phones For The Holidays!

Refurbished Blackberry 8530, at a great price!

Whether it’s a child’s first cell phone, grandma’s first smartphone, or you just want to save money but still get everyone the stylish phone they want, used cell phones are an excellent choice.

Used cell phones offer recent trends in popular cell phones while coming at a discount. Select used cell phones based on carrier, such as the popular Sprint, Verizon, or T-Mobile, or select by brand.

Blackberries are great for people who want clean function (and great apps). Increasingly popular are phones carrying Android as their operating system. Of course, Apple is still maintaining the bulk of its own popularity-and is a great deal among used cell phones!

If you frequently loose or destroy cell phones, than used cell phones are a great option. Used cell phones are also great if you’re fickle and like to keep up on the latest trends, but don’t want to pay the fees carriers charge to upgrade, or the high prices.

Don’t know what network your gift recipient is on? Choose among many unlocked cell phones, which will work on any GSM network.

Cellular Trendz guarantees their cell phones, so you don’t have to worry when they turn it on.

A Girlier Phone: A Pink or Purple Refurbished Blackberry

If you’re looking at refurbished cell phones, consider displaying some personality. There are many colorful options available (especially if you’re considering a refurbished Blackberry), but specifically, I’d like to point out the purple Blackberry 8530, and the pink Blackberry Curve.

Why? Because even with the increasing dominance of smartphones and rising popularity of Blackberry, Blackberry still has a bit of a reputation for being business-y. However, a colorful refurbished Blackberry has all the personality of an artist with the amazing functionality that Blackberry has to offer. Pink and purple have that long associated femininity add a cheeky touch for a gift for a recent grad starting her first office job or for an over-achieving daughter.

Choosing used cell phones not only give you access to unbeatable prices, but give you the added bragging right of having made a “green” choice–you’re keeping electronics and toxic metals out of landfills, and you’re more likely to remember to repurpose or recycle your cell phone later on!

Looking For Cool Used Phones This Summer? Try The Colorful Refurbished Blackberry 8330!

BB-8330-Sprint-Green.jpgThere’s always a lot to gain from choosing among used cell phones, whether you’re looking at used cell phones because they’re better for the environment, don’t require a contract extension with your service provider, or are a great bargain! But choosing between all the used cell phones available can be tricky.

Since it’s summer, why not go with a colorful refurbished Blackberry curve 8330? A refurbished Verizon Blackberry is available for $115.95 plus shipping–used cell phones reconditioned to be like new are a great deal! Refurbished Verizon Blackberries come in great colors like purple, red, white, titanium, green, and, of course, classic.

You can also get a refurbished Blackberry 8330 on Cricket or US Cellular for 159.95 plus shipping.

What else makes a refurbished Blackberry awesome? A full QWERTY keyboard, the ability to surf the web, manage (and sync up) tasks, calenders, and contacts, and to choose from all the great Blackberry apps! Plus, use your refurbished Blackberry to take great pictures of all your summer fun with it’s built in camera and LED flash. Why not use the bluetooth feature of your refurbished Blackberry for roadtrips? Among used cell phones, refurbished Blackberries are always popular since they’re such a great deal, so don’t wait long to pick up your colorful refurbished Blackberry!

Plus, when you choose among our great refurbished cell phones right now, you can take advantage of our current used cell phones promotion! Just type in “Summer” into the discount box at checkout, and receive 10% off any order (used cell phones or accessories, etc.) over $30 through the end of August!

Are you reluctant to buy a cell phone because you’re always breaking them? Check out our great repair service, in most cases there’s a fast turn around, and we back our work with a 30 day warranty!

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