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Criminals Unlocking Cell Phones?

Just about everybody has a smartphone, and so it’s no surprise that cell phone robberies are skyrocketing.

Police can’t keep up with the amount of reported stolen cell phones—dozens a day in major cities—and are looking for easy ways to help keep cell phones locked.

We’re not talking about normal unlocked cell phones, which break past software to allow multiple carrier use, but preventing tampering with the hardware so it can be resold without hindrances of the past owner.

Currently, criminals can unlock cell phones by replacing the SIM card, which is the only way to currently track smart phones. Cops want to lock cell phones by hardwiring in a “fingerprint” to the cell phone, making the phone itself, and not just the SIM card, trackable to the owner. It would also allow carriers to shut down service to the phone, making reselling it unviable, and hopefully killing the trend of crimes related to smartphones.

Of course, this method requires the sacrifice of all the first people to be robbed. Shutting down the phone would make it impossible for you to unlock the cell phone from your end, (a computer accessing an app on the phone), much less track it, and any crook is likely to ditch the phone anyway once the carrier bricks it.

Better yet, take responsibility to lock cell phones—make sure to check out all the apps dedicated to helping you get your cell phone back: lock the home screen (and wipe away telling finger grease), get GPS tracking that you can access remotely to unlock your cell phone for yourself and block out the thief, and add any other programs that let you control it remotely. Sometimes criminals will sell back to the owner for a reward, which you might be able to post, with a phone number, on your display—with the cell phone locked, of course!

What Are The Best Unlocked Cell Phones?




Motorola Droid 2

Motorola Droid 2

Boing Boing posted a handy list o the “most hackable Android cell phones”, namely, which phones are the easiest to turn into unlocked cell phones.

Why Create Android Unlocked Cell Phones?

Many carriers limit Android; although there are frequent updates that improve the software, they aren’t available to the vase majority of consumers. Unlocked cell phones can get the updates, thereby allowing users to truly use Android cell phones.

So Which Unlocked Cell Phones Work Best?

Anything by Sony is easily unlocked and works well.  If you are new to unlocked cell phones, the popular Samsung Galaxy S makes an (easy) and great unlocked cell phones.

Should You Create Unlocked Cell Phones By Yourself?

No! Truth be told, unlocked cell phones are no longer covered by the warranty, and there’s a lot that can go wrong when trying to create unlocked cell phones (that can lead to a completely useless cell phone, or brick).

Instead, buy unlocked cell phones, or send yours in to a reputable website.

What Data Is On Your Used Cell Phones?

Are Old Texts Lingering On Your Used Cell Phones?

Whether you’ve sexted, checked your bank account online, or just logged into facebook you may not have wiped the data from your used cell phones as well as you think.

How do you wipe data off of old used cell phones? Go into settings and restore it to “factory settings”. If you aren’t going to keep your simcard, destroy it.

Used cell phones of a newer model have more ways they store your data, so be extra sure if your are reselling, donating, or recycling old used cell phones.

Recycling is a great option, since most used cell phones get “refurbished” before being resold, so that even if you aren’t sure how to wipe the data, your used cell phones won’t reveal any personal information (or pictures!). Plus, you’ll be sure you’ve kept your used cell phones out of landfills.

If you want to save data on your used cell phones before recycling them, email the pictures to yourself, make a list of apps, sites, and their passwords, or link the phone to your computer so that all the used cell phone’s data can be copied.

Google sync is another great way to save and transfer contacts from used cell phones to new ones.

Ever Used Cell Phones On The Toilet? On A Boat?

The Japanese are known for their crazy and futuristic inventions and now, for those who have used cell phones over a body of water to bad end, there’s a dryer box to help restore your cell phone. Out now in stores around Japan, it’s a last gasp for dying phones.

What to do if your cell phone goes in the drink? Well, first recover it quickly and remove the battery ASAP. The trick is to get the battery out before it can short circuit the phone.

Next, let it dry out. Since Japan’s nifty dryer box isn’t available in the US, this could take days. (Recommendation: if it dropped in the toilet, sterilize it with a q-tip and some rubbing alcohol).

Finally, see if Cellular Trendz great repair service can offer you any assistance. If you drop your phone a lot, and it’s cracked or wonky, they may be able to help. If your cell phone is beyond hope, consider replacing it with a used cell phone. Used cell phones are great since they’re a cheap way to have a new gadget–there’s less worry about its inevitable loss or destruction when you’re not paying full price!

Finally, consider not using your cell phone on the toilet, and being careful when over other bodies of water. Similarly, think twice about putting it in a back pocket or in the waist band of your pants–it’s prone to fall out when you’re in the bathroom.

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