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Touch Screen or Full Keyboard?

When choosing among used cell phones, you may get hung up on the numerous options available to you. Picking between a touchscreen and a qwerty keyboard is one decision that is not as hard as it used to be, with many used cell phones integrating both options (often in a sliding keyboard). Here are some great used cell phones that give you the option to either use touchscreen or keyboard: Palm Treo 755P, the HTC Wing, and the Audiovox XV6700 all make great use of touchscreen-keyboard integration (Plus the Audiovox comes at different price points!).

A touchscreen is great not just for the novelty, but because there are lots of great apps that use the touchscreen feature to expand game play and interaction. This feature is best if you’re going to be using your phone mostly for pleasure. Another great aspect of using a touchscreen is that it’s quieter than a clicky-keyboard, so it’s great for places where you don’t want to be distracting.

Their are some great refurbished cell phones that feature a touch screen, most prominently the HTC Touch which has a beautiful touchscreen.

Finally, a full qwerty keyboard is a great feature for refurbished cell phones whether you’re a constant texter, or whether you have business needs that you need to meet promptly from any location. A refurbished Blackberry is a great option for those looking for this feature; not only do refurbished blackberries have great keyboards, they have great organization of conversations between different mediums (email, text, chat…).

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