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More Companies Making Unlocked Cell Phones Out Of The Shoot

BLU is a South American Android unlocked cell phone manufacturer, and they’ve come to the US.

Known for their colorful, unlocked renditions of Android’s cell phones, BLU is hoping to start selling products in the US market. Having rapidly expanded since 2009, BLU focuses on both style and function, which will be a nice addition to the US market.

With tons of world phone options, BLU makes unlocked cell phones that will work not just all over the US, but the world.

Although most carriers will lock Android cell phone before selling them to consumers, Android, and the companies that make their phones, continue to lead the way in unlocked cell phones, making phones who have the most potential to be like pocket computers that make calls, rather than cell phones that are also toys (like Apple’s very locked model-but if you want a jailbroken iPhone, then the potential resumes!).

So watch for BLU products to start appearing on the market over the next few years, and enjoy the colorful style they’ll bring to the Android market.

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