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Nokia Used Cell Phones Still Popular

10 years ago, Nokia phones were one of the most common sights, and they still are world wide despite fancier smart phones from Samsung and Apple being more popular in the US.

In terms of used cell phones, Nokia phones last forever. You’ll have to update to have your phone work on the next generation broadband before it will die, although it may not have the pizzazz of other phones, and it’s economical, before and after it become a used cell phone.

Now though, Nokia has found a way to spice up their ringtone to appeal to younger kids/teens (Nokia phones are a great first cell phone, whether a new or used cell phone, because of their price, and because they rack up a smaller bill that smart phones with tons of data use).

Introducing the new Nokia ring tone…the dubstep version. Dub step is both a musical style as well as dance style that has become popular over the last two years. The new ring tone was chosen through a competition.

I for one, love the new ringtone. It’s melodic, modern, and shows that Nokia still has tons of vitality.

Already have a used cell phone? You can download the ringtone if you like it.

Do you love or hate the new Nokia ring tone? If you love it, are you adding it to your used cell phone?

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