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What Are The Best Brands For Replacing Lost Cell Phones?

If you lose your cell phone frequently, it’s probably best to replace it with something cheap, and to avoid buying from your service provider (most service providers only provide special prices when you renew your contract, but most people don’t lose their cell phones with such perfect timing!).

Another way for the chronic cell phone destroyer to save money is buy buying used cell phones. Used cell phones are actually great, because if you are trying to get value from your phone, apps are actually a more important feature than the latest cell phone style.

Apps being the most important feature, the best used cell phones to buy are something with an Apple OS (Apple used cell phones are a great deal) or an Android OS.

1) Apple iPhones-iPhones, being so expensive new, are a great used cell phone. New or used, the app store provides great entertainment out of the cell phone.

2) Samsung offers a great selection of Android phones, and, like the iPhone, also makes for a better deal as a used cell phone because Samsung’s are a bit more expensive the first time round.

3) HTC are phones made with cutting edge features, at a lower price than either Apple or Samsung. For the best used cell phone deal, HTC is a winner.

Which App store do you like better? Android or Apple?

Will Apple Defeat Android?

News has boomed recently with Google’s Android OS is under attack for patent infringement. Apple is accusing Android of infringing on 10 patents (2 of which have initially been confirmed) and Oracle is adding another 7 to that list. (Apple is also accusing Motorola and Nokia of infringement).

Apple’s Android OS has existed very much in the spirit of unlocked cell phones: it’s based on open source software and an app store anyone can contribute too.

Much like how carriers don’t like unlocked cell phones, they don’t like Android’s openness, or rather they like it a little too much: most carriers Android as a blank template for installing their own software. (That’s why unlocked cell phones/jailbroken cell phones are so awesome: they say heck-no to carrier locks and restrictions).

Google/Android’s battle will take months (if not years), but it could have positive implications for open source software and unlocked cell phones. If Google fights successfully, over-restrictive copyright law might be improved (or removed!). This would be a boon for both consumers and developers like Google.

Of course, if Google loses, it could be the end for HTC phones, and possibly Android. Or they might lose an intense amount of market share. In that case, consumers can still have their jail broken iPhones and other unlocked cell phones!

More Companies Making Unlocked Cell Phones Out Of The Shoot

BLU is a South American Android unlocked cell phone manufacturer, and they’ve come to the US.

Known for their colorful, unlocked renditions of Android’s cell phones, BLU is hoping to start selling products in the US market. Having rapidly expanded since 2009, BLU focuses on both style and function, which will be a nice addition to the US market.

With tons of world phone options, BLU makes unlocked cell phones that will work not just all over the US, but the world.

Although most carriers will lock Android cell phone before selling them to consumers, Android, and the companies that make their phones, continue to lead the way in unlocked cell phones, making phones who have the most potential to be like pocket computers that make calls, rather than cell phones that are also toys (like Apple’s very locked model-but if you want a jailbroken iPhone, then the potential resumes!).

So watch for BLU products to start appearing on the market over the next few years, and enjoy the colorful style they’ll bring to the Android market.

Looking to buy Android unlocked cell phones right now? Look no further: has a great selection of unlocked cell phones that include Adroids, jailbroken iPhones, Blackberries, and more.

Used Cell Phones Are The Future

Motorola Droid 2

Motorola Droid 2

Over the past two and a half years, everyone has dealt with the poor economy by tightening their belts, and for many that includes circumventing the high cost, fees, and contracts that come tied to new cell phones, and instead buying used cell phones.

Not only are used cell phones cheaper, but they are completely in the spirit of the green movement. When you buy used cell phones, your keeping e-waste out of landfills and reducing your carbon footprint (there’s also less packaging-most cell phones come with every tiny piece wrapped in an oversized piece of plastic, not to mention the display packaging).

With everything that used cell phones have going for them, used cell phones have a solid place in the future-as an economical, environmentally friendly choice.

If you’re prone to breaking your phone, dropping it in water, or losing it, used cell phones also offer a great deal, helping to offset the waste you create when you lose a phone, as well as the cost of destroying a new cell phone.

Love to be a part of the latest trends? Here are some used cell phones that are, rather, well, new:

The Samsung Behold 2 has a multitouch screen, 5mp camera (about the highest now available on cell phones), bluetooth, and built in GPS. Yet, it still retains many of the buttons and features familiar to Samsung users, making it a great upgrade for anyone who’s been holding on to their old Samsung for a little too long. Bonus? It runs on Android, the current “it” OS.

Speaking of Android, the Motorola Droid 2 is available for a great priced as a used cell phone. With a built in QWERTY keyboard, 5mp camera with LED flash, and all the other bells and whistles, it’s perfect for anyone who wants to get the most out of their smart phone, or if you just want to look cool.

And  of course, we can’t talk about looking cool without mentioning the elusive Apple iPhone. Continually selling out, the used cell phones market is a great place to score one at a bargain of a price (especially given the demand!). Bonus? This 3G iPhone is unlocked, so you can use it on any GSM network.

Top 2 Unlocked Cell Phones For Artists


Jailbroken iPhone

Unlocked cell phonesoffer contract free, carrier changing options for anyone who may travel, move to a different city, or want the option to change their mind at the drop of a hat. They also offer operating systems whose hands aren’t tied by carriers and their standard apps, so you can use unlocked cell phones in more ways.

The most obvious choice is the iPhone- with numerous apps designed to offer you more ways to use your 5mp camera, and more styles to create artistic pictures-it’s a great tool for photographers. The 4G iPhone offers the best service potential, while the 8GB 3G iPhone is a better option for those just interest in trying out the apps for on the go photo-art. Remember: because it’s an unlocked cell phone, you’re not locked into AT&T’s service or prices.

The HTC Android Aria also offers 5mp camera, but its value may lie more in its open platform (made more open by being an unlocked cell phone). If you want to be creative with how you use your cell phone to create art, especially if you can code, Android is a great choice.

New Year, New Unlocked Cell Phones

HTC Aria

The new year is a great time to replace your old phones (with unlocked cell phones, in particular, if you haven’t already). Whether you want the great bargain of purchasing used cell phones, or whether you just want the benefits of unlocked cell phones, there are a number of great options:

For the cost-conscious buyer:

The LG Shine has a long battery life, email, instant messaging, bluetooth, and a USB hub so it can meet all of the basic needs of a smart phone user at a very agreeable price (made more agreeable because unlocked cell phones have no contracts or hidden fees).

For the Super Trendy:

The iPhone 4g is in incredibly high demand; 4g means a faster network, which improves the use quality of the iPhone-and remember, unlocked cell phones work on any GSM network, so you can get the iPhone on the best 4g network for full use and value of all the apps, calling, and texting you can handle.

For the Tech-Trendy:

The HTC Android Aria has made a splash this year to rival the iPhone. With all the apps and advantages of Android, the Aria is a great choice for tech lovers, especially those who can appreciate the full-functionality of unlocked cell phones.

Used Cell Phones For The Holidays!

Refurbished Blackberry 8530, at a great price!

Whether it’s a child’s first cell phone, grandma’s first smartphone, or you just want to save money but still get everyone the stylish phone they want, used cell phones are an excellent choice.

Used cell phones offer recent trends in popular cell phones while coming at a discount. Select used cell phones based on carrier, such as the popular Sprint, Verizon, or T-Mobile, or select by brand.

Blackberries are great for people who want clean function (and great apps). Increasingly popular are phones carrying Android as their operating system. Of course, Apple is still maintaining the bulk of its own popularity-and is a great deal among used cell phones!

If you frequently loose or destroy cell phones, than used cell phones are a great option. Used cell phones are also great if you’re fickle and like to keep up on the latest trends, but don’t want to pay the fees carriers charge to upgrade, or the high prices.

Don’t know what network your gift recipient is on? Choose among many unlocked cell phones, which will work on any GSM network.

Cellular Trendz guarantees their cell phones, so you don’t have to worry when they turn it on.

Unlocked Cell Phones: Perfect If You’re Travelling Over The Holidays

HTC Aria

Unlocked cell phones offer flexible carrier choice, meaning you can take them to any GSM network. They’re also free of the restrictions that certain carriers will sometimes put on phones. That means that one of many unlocked cell phones may be the perfect travel companion for you this season, allowing you to switch between carriers if yours doesn’t have roaming, or if it has poor service where you’re going (just pick up a prepaid SIM card preloaded with minutes).

Replacing the Blackberry World, the unlocked Blackberry Tour is an updated model (released summer 2009) and is available on all GSM networks and Sprint. Designed for travel, the Blackberry Tour is a sleek device with a full QWERTY keyboard (with a key arrangement that’s been rated very highly) and 3.2 mp camera.

Among unlocked cell phones the iPhone continues to rule, and is an especially popular choice for those planning to travel since it’s many apps offer enhanced GPS, ways to find the best restaurant and local attractions, as well as games to keep you entertained en transit.

Finally, the HTC Android Aria, released last summer, is a great choice. Android is continually gaining ground against Apple, which you may know if you know anyone with an Android as people can’t stop talking about how great they are. Of course, they’re open platform is often co-opted by carriers who load their own restrictions onto them, so browsing them in Cellular Trendz’ unlocked cell phones section is your best bet, as you’ll be able to use the phone the way it was meant to be.

Whatever your holiday plans, make sure to include upgrading your cell phone to an unlocked cell phone.

Unlocked Cell Phones: Allowing You To Mod To The OS Of Your Choice

Jailbroken iPhone

The iPhone is well known for the multitude of apps available, but trends are showing that the Android may soon have just as much to offer if not more.

According to a New York Times article, more and more apps are becoming available for the Android, and many more of them are available for free (with ads). One of the main advantages of the iPhone has been that so many developers were creating apps for it, and now, as the Android OS platform is loaded onto more phones everyday, those developers are putting their creations onto droids.

What’s the best place to find a Droid? In the used cell phones market, where phones are cheaper, waste is reduced, and you have your pick among unlocked cell phones, which allows you to remove carrier loaded data, change carriers, and mod the software as you wish (like installing the OS of your choice).

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