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Unlocked Cell Phones May Get…More Unlocked?

Despite Apple’s reputation for being a control freak—keeping their app store behind an ivory gate, limiting what computer languages can be used on their devices—but they may some day through the American cell phone industry into a dynamic beyond unlocked cell phones.

There are many reasons to love unlocked cell phones: having no contract so you can get the best deal, being able to mod the software and delete the carrier junk apps (and then scratching off the corresponding branding), and just being able to say f-you to the companies.

Well, Apple may do all that for you. They’ve already told the carriers a big NO to branding and preloaded add-apps—but they were also recently awarded a patent that would extend those unlocked cell phone like services, AND do the work for you.

Basically, Apple would become a middle-man between the user and the phone companies, leveraging their iPhone popularity for the lowest rates, switching between or mixing and matching different companies without a user ever seeing a dip or change in service. They could even take payments, making the branding, contracts, and other junk associated with all the carriers obsolete.

Of course, unlocked cell phones would still have a place, since not everyone would want an iPhone, so you have to assume that a dual system of some sort would have to emerge, but it’s an interesting future to think about. You’d never have to risk bricking your phone to unlock it again!

What Are The Best Brands For Replacing Lost Cell Phones?

If you lose your cell phone frequently, it’s probably best to replace it with something cheap, and to avoid buying from your service provider (most service providers only provide special prices when you renew your contract, but most people don’t lose their cell phones with such perfect timing!).

Another way for the chronic cell phone destroyer to save money is buy buying used cell phones. Used cell phones are actually great, because if you are trying to get value from your phone, apps are actually a more important feature than the latest cell phone style.

Apps being the most important feature, the best used cell phones to buy are something with an Apple OS (Apple used cell phones are a great deal) or an Android OS.

1) Apple iPhones-iPhones, being so expensive new, are a great used cell phone. New or used, the app store provides great entertainment out of the cell phone.

2) Samsung offers a great selection of Android phones, and, like the iPhone, also makes for a better deal as a used cell phone because Samsung’s are a bit more expensive the first time round.

3) HTC are phones made with cutting edge features, at a lower price than either Apple or Samsung. For the best used cell phone deal, HTC is a winner.

Which App store do you like better? Android or Apple?

Will Apple Defeat Android?

News has boomed recently with Google’s Android OS is under attack for patent infringement. Apple is accusing Android of infringing on 10 patents (2 of which have initially been confirmed) and Oracle is adding another 7 to that list. (Apple is also accusing Motorola and Nokia of infringement).

Apple’s Android OS has existed very much in the spirit of unlocked cell phones: it’s based on open source software and an app store anyone can contribute too.

Much like how carriers don’t like unlocked cell phones, they don’t like Android’s openness, or rather they like it a little too much: most carriers Android as a blank template for installing their own software. (That’s why unlocked cell phones/jailbroken cell phones are so awesome: they say heck-no to carrier locks and restrictions).

Google/Android’s battle will take months (if not years), but it could have positive implications for open source software and unlocked cell phones. If Google fights successfully, over-restrictive copyright law might be improved (or removed!). This would be a boon for both consumers and developers like Google.

Of course, if Google loses, it could be the end for HTC phones, and possibly Android. Or they might lose an intense amount of market share. In that case, consumers can still have their jail broken iPhones and other unlocked cell phones!

The Value of Unlocked Cell Phones





What apps are you allowed to have? True unlocked cell phones give you unlimited access!

Everyone’s talking about unlocked cell phones now that Apple has released an unlocked version of the iPhone. But understanding the value of unlocked cell phones goes beyond the new iPhone.

First, (and especially in reference to the iPhone, which has before been saddled with inadequate carriers and an iron gate guarding the app store and software use), “unlocked cell phones” is often synonomous with “jailbroken cell phones”. Why? Because when you create unlocked cell phones the do-it-yourself route, you’re also gaining control over the software and apps.

Second, unlocked cell phones aren’t just about the ability to jump carriers in an awesome, contract free lifestyle (although it can be). Unlocked cell phones are about the ability to choose a carrier. When Verizon follows suit of just about every other carrier and starts charging more for data (no more everything plans!) unlocked cell phones will allow consumers to instead choose a carrier with a plan that suits them, or to avoid carriers altogether and prepay their minutes.

Finally, it may be a good start, but Apple’s unlocked iPhone does not really fit into the spirit of the discussion about unlocked cell phones. It’s expensive, and likely trying to capture the market that is already aware how awesome unlocked cell phones are (especially iPhones). Rather, unlocked cell phones are about breaking free from the confines of carriers and developers, and gving consumers the ability to control and use their cell phones how they want!

Unlocked Cell Phones Coming To Apple?

Truly unlocked? Unlocked cell phones will always be available from third party vendors.

While many are excited about the unlocked iPhone 4 now available, other news broke this week about Apple possibly putting infrared into future generations of their phones, tablets, and gadgets.

Will infrared change the future of unlocked cell phones? If Apple is releasing unlocked cell phones like the iPhone 4, will that change the meaning of unlocked cell phones?

Currently, their are two dimensions to having unlocked cell phones: being able to move between carriers, and being able to control the software on your phone (and sometimes, how the hardware works via the software).

Of course, carriers and many developers want to focus on the first element of unlocked cell phones: carrier freedom. With technology like infrared, they will still be able to control your phone.

Of course, that’s only if you buy unlocked cell phones from developers. It’s hard to guard tech, and there’s every reason to believe that you will be able to create unlocked cell phones (or jailbroken) that allow you to keep control over you unlocked cell phones.

If infrared takes control of your cell phone in malls, concert venues, and movies theatres, unlocked cell phones may be able to give you back control. Whith unlocked cell phones (or jailbroken) software restrictions can be overidden, preferences set, or an app added that blocks unwanted use of you cell phone.

To keep an eye on the direction of unlocked cell phones, be sure to visit trusted retailers of unlocked cell phones.

Maintain Control With Unlocked Cell Phones

Could the next generation have infrared? Maintain control with unlocked cell phones!

Recent news suggests that future iPhones (and, likely following, all smartphones) will have infrared. What is infrared? It’s a way for gadgets to talk to each other over a short range, and unlocked cell phones may be the only way to maintain control over this technology.

Infrared could be used, for example, to allow a museum exhibit to send you more information, specifically in a multimedia format (audio or video, for example). You may have seen infrared if you’ve played multiplayer on a DS, but in that instance you generally initiate the function; this new version would be on all the time, except, of course, for those who maintain control with unlocked cell phones.

The dark side to infrared: at malls (for instance), you may receive targeted advertising (remember pop-up ads?). It could also be used to override some or all of your cell phone’s operations in certain places. For example, you may not be able to use it in movie theaters.

How to avoid this likely future? Unlocked cell phones. With unlocked cell phones, you can override carrier restrictions/apps, and depending on the amount of benefit infrared offers, turn off the entire function. Unlocked cell phones allow you to maintain control over the software and hardware of your phone. Apps can sometimes behave similarly, but carriers control the gateway to apps, unless of course you cut them out of control with an unlocked cell phone!

The Most Popular Unlocked Cell Phones

Jailbroken iPhones reign supreme among unlocked cell phones!

The most popular brands make cell phones with happy afterlifes as unlocked cell phones. Why? People who couldn’t get the phone on their carrier when it first came out get to enjoy it, people who want to save money benefit, and people who want versatility from popular phones choose unlocked cell phones.

Even with new companies entering the market, three brands continue to dominate among unlocked cell phones:

3) HTC. Popular, HTC makes cell phones that have features everyone wants, at a reasonable price. Reborn as unlocked cell phones, the wave of popularity extends the price of HTC phones while the price gets even better.

2) Blackberry. Ever the classy phone, Blackberry cell phones are also quire durable. As unlocked cell phones the off a great price as well as flexibility to the business traveller. Blackberry unlocked cell phones stay on the market quite a long time, a testament to their great design.

3) Apple. The clamor for iPhones is no quieter in the unlocked cell phones market; in fact, the clamour for unlocked cell phones of the Apple variety is quite loud, making Apple number one in unlocked cell phones. Of course, this has a lot to do with poor carrier quality (which may improve now that Verizon is competing with AT&T). In any case, unlocked iPhone cell phones offer Apple lovers a chance to enjoy the beauty, simplicity, and function of Apple phones on the carrier of their choice.

Unlocked Cell Phones: A Legal Right

Palm is one company moving toward unlocked cell phones.

You may have heard that many carriers and cell phone manufacturers are dead against unlocked cell phones. Apple even tried to making jailbreaking the iPhone against its copyright on the phone. However, last summer, the federal government ruled that jailbreaking phones (turning them into unlocked cell phones) is not illegal, or at least not protected by copyright.

For many phones, however, it does void the warranty. Unlocked cell phones destroy exclusivity contracts cell phone manufacturers make with carriers, such as the iPhone with AT&T, and now Verizon.

But exclusivity creates a huge problem with demand—popular phones like the iPhone are wanted the world over (and certainly the US over), but carriers are not always available, don’t always provide adequate bandwidth for powerful phones like the iPhone, and don’t always provide quality service. The only answer, then, is unlocked cell phones.

But should you jailbreak it yourself? Probably not. If you do it wrong, your risk turning your expensive smartphone into a brick. Rather, buy unlocked cell phones from reputable retailers, or send them in to become unlocked cell phones by the same.

What’s the advantage of unlocked cell phones? Have the phone of your choice in the region of your choosing, on the best (or most reliable) carrier, and control what you do with the phone when you upgrade.

More Unlocked Cell Phones To Come?

Jailbroken iPhone

Unlocked cell phones are a boon to consumers—they allow consumers to choose their carriers without committing to contracts that last years and may have hidden fees.

But some cell phone designers are realizing that unlocked cell phones can benefit them too—if you are only selling through one carrier, your phones only reach a small percentage of the market. Some designers have different phones they sell through certain carriers, but Apple, for instance, has generally been limited to AT&T, and now Verizon, with only one true model.

Google and a few other cell phone creators have made attempts in the past, but carriers simply used the unlocked cell phones they created to add even more restrictions, unwanted apps, and bulk to the phone.

Now there is rumor that Apple’s next phone, a sort of iPhone mini, may be unlocked, allowing them to (carrier willing) sell through every carrier. Of course, if the carriers are unwilling, unlocked cell phones are easily sold in regular stores, such as the Apple store, which is already in cities all over the country.

Whether or not this rumor turns out to be true, and whether or not Apple follows through on releasing unlocked cell phones, unlocked cell phones are still available online through reputable retailers. Even if cell phone creators aren’t benefiting from unlocked cell phones, consumers still can.

Used Cell Phones For The Holidays!

Refurbished Blackberry 8530, at a great price!

Whether it’s a child’s first cell phone, grandma’s first smartphone, or you just want to save money but still get everyone the stylish phone they want, used cell phones are an excellent choice.

Used cell phones offer recent trends in popular cell phones while coming at a discount. Select used cell phones based on carrier, such as the popular Sprint, Verizon, or T-Mobile, or select by brand.

Blackberries are great for people who want clean function (and great apps). Increasingly popular are phones carrying Android as their operating system. Of course, Apple is still maintaining the bulk of its own popularity-and is a great deal among used cell phones!

If you frequently loose or destroy cell phones, than used cell phones are a great option. Used cell phones are also great if you’re fickle and like to keep up on the latest trends, but don’t want to pay the fees carriers charge to upgrade, or the high prices.

Don’t know what network your gift recipient is on? Choose among many unlocked cell phones, which will work on any GSM network.

Cellular Trendz guarantees their cell phones, so you don’t have to worry when they turn it on.

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