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Criminals Unlocking Cell Phones?

Just about everybody has a smartphone, and so it’s no surprise that cell phone robberies are skyrocketing.

Police can’t keep up with the amount of reported stolen cell phones—dozens a day in major cities—and are looking for easy ways to help keep cell phones locked.

We’re not talking about normal unlocked cell phones, which break past software to allow multiple carrier use, but preventing tampering with the hardware so it can be resold without hindrances of the past owner.

Currently, criminals can unlock cell phones by replacing the SIM card, which is the only way to currently track smart phones. Cops want to lock cell phones by hardwiring in a “fingerprint” to the cell phone, making the phone itself, and not just the SIM card, trackable to the owner. It would also allow carriers to shut down service to the phone, making reselling it unviable, and hopefully killing the trend of crimes related to smartphones.

Of course, this method requires the sacrifice of all the first people to be robbed. Shutting down the phone would make it impossible for you to unlock the cell phone from your end, (a computer accessing an app on the phone), much less track it, and any crook is likely to ditch the phone anyway once the carrier bricks it.

Better yet, take responsibility to lock cell phones—make sure to check out all the apps dedicated to helping you get your cell phone back: lock the home screen (and wipe away telling finger grease), get GPS tracking that you can access remotely to unlock your cell phone for yourself and block out the thief, and add any other programs that let you control it remotely. Sometimes criminals will sell back to the owner for a reward, which you might be able to post, with a phone number, on your display—with the cell phone locked, of course!

How To Use Cell Phones At Parties

Don't use your Blackberry as a Crackberry!

Cell phones do everything. Arguing about what year The Matrix was released? Just use your imdb app. Want to set an alarm for the third dish simmering, but out of kitchen clocks? Use your phone-and name it to keep it straight! Want to let the host know you’ll be 15 minutes late? Send her a text!

But it can quickly become inapproriate to over-use cell phones when in social situations. At the dinner table, for example, your phone should be on vibrate (if at all!) and you should excuse yourself to take a call—only if it’s really important, like your grandma got lost finding your new pad.

And then, of course, there’s mingling. You can use cell phones as important social tools, trading contact information, enhancing conversations with instant-data, playing social media games together (for the younger crowd). Just make sure that you aren’t using cell phones to isolate yourself.

If you want bragging rights this holiday season, make sure you let your friends know how you saved money by buying used or refurbished cell phones. Opt out of contracts and save around $20 a month, plus get the benefit of a cheaper phone so you have more money to spend on holiday gifts!

Plus, used cell phones usually get cheaper at the end of the year when new models come out. If your phone is broken, don’t wait another year for when you’re resigning your contract, get yourself a new phone now (make it affordable by buying used!)

Top 2 Unlocked Cell Phones For Artists


Jailbroken iPhone

Unlocked cell phonesoffer contract free, carrier changing options for anyone who may travel, move to a different city, or want the option to change their mind at the drop of a hat. They also offer operating systems whose hands aren’t tied by carriers and their standard apps, so you can use unlocked cell phones in more ways.

The most obvious choice is the iPhone- with numerous apps designed to offer you more ways to use your 5mp camera, and more styles to create artistic pictures-it’s a great tool for photographers. The 4G iPhone offers the best service potential, while the 8GB 3G iPhone is a better option for those just interest in trying out the apps for on the go photo-art. Remember: because it’s an unlocked cell phone, you’re not locked into AT&T’s service or prices.

The HTC Android Aria also offers 5mp camera, but its value may lie more in its open platform (made more open by being an unlocked cell phone). If you want to be creative with how you use your cell phone to create art, especially if you can code, Android is a great choice.

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