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The Most Used Cell Phones Belong To…

Refurbished Blackberry Bold

Blackberry! Blackberry makes the most used cell phones in the country, and no wonder. With great life (good endurance, and a great presence on the used cell phones market), awesome features, and well-thought out upgrades with each generation, Blackberry makes amazing cell phones.

Whether you’re looking for new and unlocked cell phones, or refurbished and used cell phones, there are a number of great Blackberries to choose from, spanning affordable to feature intensive:

Refurbished Blackberry 8800 (Unlocked): The Blackberry 8800 line was designed as a more high-end product. Now they are available at a great price in the used cell phones market. If you’re new to smart phones or Blackberry, this is a great phone to introduce the amazing availability of features and functions available from Blackberries.

Refurbished Black Blackberry Curve, or Refurbished Pink Blackberry Curve (both available as unlocked cell phones): The Blackberry Curve was an exceptionally popular model, and that popularity has continued on the used cell phones market. Available in numerous colors, including black and pink, it satisfies those who want looks and features.

The Refurbished Blackberry Bold 9700 (unlocked) is a more current version of Blackberry’s offerings. Running a newer version of the Blackberry OS, as well a number of other slight upgrades to the hardware, it’s well suited for any die-hard smart phone user.

Unlocked Cell Phones: Newer Blackberry Models

Blackberry Storm 2

Refurbished Blackberry cell phones continue to be one of the fastest selling used cell phones brands. Ever popular among unlocked cell phones, they offer a plethora of apps, functions, and high quality performance that gives each model a long life, particularly among used cell phones.

If you’re looking at unlocked cell phones, here are the newer models to make note of:

The Blackberry 8520 Curve combines a touchscreen with a keyboard, for optimum function. Along that same note, it uses an optical mouse rather than the trackball Blackberry has favored for many years. Curve is the most popular selling smart phone in the US, and the Blackberry 8520 works on edge for those who receive that service best. As far as unlocked cell phones go, this is a great choice for people looking for carrier flexibility and who don’t need a top of the line phone.

The Blackberry Storm 2 has been charged a huge success, and has continued it’s popularity into the used cell phones market. A 3.1 mp camera, bluetooth support, and the improved functionality of it’s click-touch screen make it a great unlocked cell phones for gadget lovers.

The Blackberry Bold 9000 comes from a top line of Blackberry phones. Supporting wireless and bluetooth, it also has a 2.0mp camera with 5x zoom. You can also put your itunes music onto Blackberry Bold! And as always with unlocked cell phones, the true techie will appreciate the freedom and ability to mod.

Popular Trends In Unlocked Cell Phones

Blackberry Storm 2

Any used cell phones you buy come without the hassles of a contract or extended plan with your carrier, but unlocked cell phones come with the benefit of being used on any carrier. Unlocked cell phones are a great way to save money, and a great way to ensure you get what you want on the money you do spend. Here are three of the most popular unlocked cell phones (going quick!) right now:

  1. Refurbished Blackberry 8820 World. The Blackberry 8820 has a long battery life, so you can chat, email, and find your way with GPS longer. Like most Blackberries, it can be hooked up with wifi, sink your conversations (aligning a convo spread across text, im, and email into one thread), and have lots of great apps added to it. The refurbished Blackberry 8820 ranks high among unlocked cell phones for its smart price.
  2. The Unlocked Blackberry Storm 9530 has endured an ongoing popularity since its release as it combines the superb functionality of Blackberry (apps, messaging, etc.) with the current popularity of touchscreens. Reviewed as everything the original storm should have been, it should be what every Blackberry fan would want out of a touchscreen cell phone.
  3. Refurbished Blackberry Curve 8310. The Blackberry Curve line of phones have had a great second life on the used cell phones market, whether it’s because they’re available in a multitude of colors, whether because people who have owned them have raved about them, or because, like Apple, Blackberry has created an amazing OS with great apps and functionality, all of their phones, at great prices, sell like crazy.
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