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The Most Popular Unlocked Cell Phones

Jailbroken iPhones reign supreme among unlocked cell phones!

The most popular brands make cell phones with happy afterlifes as unlocked cell phones. Why? People who couldn’t get the phone on their carrier when it first came out get to enjoy it, people who want to save money benefit, and people who want versatility from popular phones choose unlocked cell phones.

Even with new companies entering the market, three brands continue to dominate among unlocked cell phones:

3) HTC. Popular, HTC makes cell phones that have features everyone wants, at a reasonable price. Reborn as unlocked cell phones, the wave of popularity extends the price of HTC phones while the price gets even better.

2) Blackberry. Ever the classy phone, Blackberry cell phones are also quire durable. As unlocked cell phones the off a great price as well as flexibility to the business traveller. Blackberry unlocked cell phones stay on the market quite a long time, a testament to their great design.

3) Apple. The clamor for iPhones is no quieter in the unlocked cell phones market; in fact, the clamour for unlocked cell phones of the Apple variety is quite loud, making Apple number one in unlocked cell phones. Of course, this has a lot to do with poor carrier quality (which may improve now that Verizon is competing with AT&T). In any case, unlocked iPhone cell phones offer Apple lovers a chance to enjoy the beauty, simplicity, and function of Apple phones on the carrier of their choice.

Used Cell Phones For The Holidays!

Refurbished Blackberry 8530, at a great price!

Whether it’s a child’s first cell phone, grandma’s first smartphone, or you just want to save money but still get everyone the stylish phone they want, used cell phones are an excellent choice.

Used cell phones offer recent trends in popular cell phones while coming at a discount. Select used cell phones based on carrier, such as the popular Sprint, Verizon, or T-Mobile, or select by brand.

Blackberries are great for people who want clean function (and great apps). Increasingly popular are phones carrying Android as their operating system. Of course, Apple is still maintaining the bulk of its own popularity-and is a great deal among used cell phones!

If you frequently loose or destroy cell phones, than used cell phones are a great option. Used cell phones are also great if you’re fickle and like to keep up on the latest trends, but don’t want to pay the fees carriers charge to upgrade, or the high prices.

Don’t know what network your gift recipient is on? Choose among many unlocked cell phones, which will work on any GSM network.

Cellular Trendz guarantees their cell phones, so you don’t have to worry when they turn it on.

Unlocked Cell Phones: Perfect If You’re Travelling Over The Holidays

HTC Aria

Unlocked cell phones offer flexible carrier choice, meaning you can take them to any GSM network. They’re also free of the restrictions that certain carriers will sometimes put on phones. That means that one of many unlocked cell phones may be the perfect travel companion for you this season, allowing you to switch between carriers if yours doesn’t have roaming, or if it has poor service where you’re going (just pick up a prepaid SIM card preloaded with minutes).

Replacing the Blackberry World, the unlocked Blackberry Tour is an updated model (released summer 2009) and is available on all GSM networks and Sprint. Designed for travel, the Blackberry Tour is a sleek device with a full QWERTY keyboard (with a key arrangement that’s been rated very highly) and 3.2 mp camera.

Among unlocked cell phones the iPhone continues to rule, and is an especially popular choice for those planning to travel since it’s many apps offer enhanced GPS, ways to find the best restaurant and local attractions, as well as games to keep you entertained en transit.

Finally, the HTC Android Aria, released last summer, is a great choice. Android is continually gaining ground against Apple, which you may know if you know anyone with an Android as people can’t stop talking about how great they are. Of course, they’re open platform is often co-opted by carriers who load their own restrictions onto them, so browsing them in Cellular Trendz’ unlocked cell phones section is your best bet, as you’ll be able to use the phone the way it was meant to be.

Whatever your holiday plans, make sure to include upgrading your cell phone to an unlocked cell phone.

Popular Trends In Unlocked Cell Phones

Blackberry Storm 2

Any used cell phones you buy come without the hassles of a contract or extended plan with your carrier, but unlocked cell phones come with the benefit of being used on any carrier. Unlocked cell phones are a great way to save money, and a great way to ensure you get what you want on the money you do spend. Here are three of the most popular unlocked cell phones (going quick!) right now:

  1. Refurbished Blackberry 8820 World. The Blackberry 8820 has a long battery life, so you can chat, email, and find your way with GPS longer. Like most Blackberries, it can be hooked up with wifi, sink your conversations (aligning a convo spread across text, im, and email into one thread), and have lots of great apps added to it. The refurbished Blackberry 8820 ranks high among unlocked cell phones for its smart price.
  2. The Unlocked Blackberry Storm 9530 has endured an ongoing popularity since its release as it combines the superb functionality of Blackberry (apps, messaging, etc.) with the current popularity of touchscreens. Reviewed as everything the original storm should have been, it should be what every Blackberry fan would want out of a touchscreen cell phone.
  3. Refurbished Blackberry Curve 8310. The Blackberry Curve line of phones have had a great second life on the used cell phones market, whether it’s because they’re available in a multitude of colors, whether because people who have owned them have raved about them, or because, like Apple, Blackberry has created an amazing OS with great apps and functionality, all of their phones, at great prices, sell like crazy.

3 Reasons You Should Choose Unlocked Cell Phones

Jailbroken iPhone

1) You can get the phone you want on the carrier you want. This may seem obvious, or you may not care about which carrier you choose, but the truth is not all carriers have the same coverage in the same areas, and certain carriers with exclusivity deals for the hottest phones tend to be the worst offenders at delivering poor coverage. Unlocked cell phones allow you the freedom to have a good phone and good coverage.

2) Use unlocked cell phones the way you want to. In order to milk every penny out of you, carriers have developed an increasingly bad habit of pre-loading cell phones with apps designed to advertise (NFL sponsored ones, for example), apps designed to lure you into their app store, rather than the one for the phone, and sometimes they’ll mod or restrict certain designs of the phone. Unlocked cell phones allow you to bypass many of these problems.

3) Unlocked cell phones offer a better price. Whether you’re looking at an unlocked iPhone, Blackberry Bold, or Samsung SGH-I907, unlocked cell phones are often also used cell phones, and thus are available at a far more reasonable rate.

A Girlier Phone: A Pink or Purple Refurbished Blackberry

If you’re looking at refurbished cell phones, consider displaying some personality. There are many colorful options available (especially if you’re considering a refurbished Blackberry), but specifically, I’d like to point out the purple Blackberry 8530, and the pink Blackberry Curve.

Why? Because even with the increasing dominance of smartphones and rising popularity of Blackberry, Blackberry still has a bit of a reputation for being business-y. However, a colorful refurbished Blackberry has all the personality of an artist with the amazing functionality that Blackberry has to offer. Pink and purple have that long associated femininity add a cheeky touch for a gift for a recent grad starting her first office job or for an over-achieving daughter.

Choosing used cell phones not only give you access to unbeatable prices, but give you the added bragging right of having made a “green” choice–you’re keeping electronics and toxic metals out of landfills, and you’re more likely to remember to repurpose or recycle your cell phone later on!

Touch Screen or Full Keyboard?

When choosing among used cell phones, you may get hung up on the numerous options available to you. Picking between a touchscreen and a qwerty keyboard is one decision that is not as hard as it used to be, with many used cell phones integrating both options (often in a sliding keyboard). Here are some great used cell phones that give you the option to either use touchscreen or keyboard: Palm Treo 755P, the HTC Wing, and the Audiovox XV6700 all make great use of touchscreen-keyboard integration (Plus the Audiovox comes at different price points!).

A touchscreen is great not just for the novelty, but because there are lots of great apps that use the touchscreen feature to expand game play and interaction. This feature is best if you’re going to be using your phone mostly for pleasure. Another great aspect of using a touchscreen is that it’s quieter than a clicky-keyboard, so it’s great for places where you don’t want to be distracting.

Their are some great refurbished cell phones that feature a touch screen, most prominently the HTC Touch which has a beautiful touchscreen.

Finally, a full qwerty keyboard is a great feature for refurbished cell phones whether you’re a constant texter, or whether you have business needs that you need to meet promptly from any location. A refurbished Blackberry is a great option for those looking for this feature; not only do refurbished blackberries have great keyboards, they have great organization of conversations between different mediums (email, text, chat…).

Used Cell Phones For Back To School

These days it’s not surprising to see a young kid with a cell phone to call their own. Parents can pre-program themselves, grandparents, and a trusted neighbor or friend onto the speed dial so that help is just a call away in an emergency, or so that kids can check in after school if they are going to a friend’s house. Conveniently, phone carriers have numerous plans so that parents can pick one that works for their kids and their budget. For young kids, most parents choose pay-as-you-go plans so they can control the cost.

When it comes to choosing a cell phone, the most economically (and environmentally) friendly choice is to choose used cell phones. Used cell phones are refurbished to be like new, so your kid can rock a trendy phone for back to school without anyone being the wiser. Here are some popular used cell phones that your kids will love:

1) A refurbished Blackberry is perfect to help an over-achiever keep track of their assignments and after-school schedules. A white or pink refurbished Blackberry from Cricket is perfect for the girly-girl, and affordably priced at $107.90.

2) Even more economical is the Palm Treo at $65.95. It has both a touch screen (all the rage!) as well as a full QWERTY keyboard, so they can text as fast as ever. Like many used cell phones it’s in excellent condition. Plus, if you get a plan that supports it, it comes with Google Maps, so your teen driver will never get lost.

3) If you’re looking for used cell phones that can work with multiple carriers, look for ones marked “unlocked”. Unlocked used cell phones like the HTC Dash ($107.90) make great gifts if you don’t know the recipient’s carrier.

What’s great is all these refurbished cell phones come with the Cellular Trendz 30 day warranty, so you don’t have to worry. Plus, still in time for Back-to-School is our summer promotion: type in “Summer” and get 10% off your purchase over $30!

If you break your cell phone, be sure to check out our warrantied repair service!

Looking For Cool Used Phones This Summer? Try The Colorful Refurbished Blackberry 8330!

BB-8330-Sprint-Green.jpgThere’s always a lot to gain from choosing among used cell phones, whether you’re looking at used cell phones because they’re better for the environment, don’t require a contract extension with your service provider, or are a great bargain! But choosing between all the used cell phones available can be tricky.

Since it’s summer, why not go with a colorful refurbished Blackberry curve 8330? A refurbished Verizon Blackberry is available for $115.95 plus shipping–used cell phones reconditioned to be like new are a great deal! Refurbished Verizon Blackberries come in great colors like purple, red, white, titanium, green, and, of course, classic.

You can also get a refurbished Blackberry 8330 on Cricket or US Cellular for 159.95 plus shipping.

What else makes a refurbished Blackberry awesome? A full QWERTY keyboard, the ability to surf the web, manage (and sync up) tasks, calenders, and contacts, and to choose from all the great Blackberry apps! Plus, use your refurbished Blackberry to take great pictures of all your summer fun with it’s built in camera and LED flash. Why not use the bluetooth feature of your refurbished Blackberry for roadtrips? Among used cell phones, refurbished Blackberries are always popular since they’re such a great deal, so don’t wait long to pick up your colorful refurbished Blackberry!

Plus, when you choose among our great refurbished cell phones right now, you can take advantage of our current used cell phones promotion! Just type in “Summer” into the discount box at checkout, and receive 10% off any order (used cell phones or accessories, etc.) over $30 through the end of August!

Are you reluctant to buy a cell phone because you’re always breaking them? Check out our great repair service, in most cases there’s a fast turn around, and we back our work with a 30 day warranty!

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