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Unlocked Cell Phones: Allowing You To Mod To The OS Of Your Choice

Jailbroken iPhone

The iPhone is well known for the multitude of apps available, but trends are showing that the Android may soon have just as much to offer if not more.

According to a New York Times article, more and more apps are becoming available for the Android, and many more of them are available for free (with ads). One of the main advantages of the iPhone has been that so many developers were creating apps for it, and now, as the Android OS platform is loaded onto more phones everyday, those developers are putting their creations onto droids.

What’s the best place to find a Droid? In the used cell phones market, where phones are cheaper, waste is reduced, and you have your pick among unlocked cell phones, which allows you to remove carrier loaded data, change carriers, and mod the software as you wish (like installing the OS of your choice).

What Does Adding FM To Cell Phones Mean For You?

Mostly, a more expensive cell phone.

With all the features that smartphones offer (syncing with your computer to function like an MP3 player, apps like Pandora, full internet access) there’s no reason to need FM radio with its commercials, talk shows, and lack of direct interaction (seeding a Pandora station with your favorite band, going directly to the song you want to hear, getting a recommendation from someone with similar taste on Twitter or Facebook).

An FM chip will, however, cost more, even if you don’t want it/never use it, take up room in the phone–creating a limitation on possible future technologies–and would be the result of an unnecessary law (something no one ever really needs); there are already phones with FM chips available for those interested.

So what to do? Advocate to your representatives that you oppose it. If it does pass, you can always avoid paying the increased cost by choosing among used cell phones or refurbished cell phones. Refurbished cell phones offer an environmentally friendly option that saves you money.

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