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Unlocked Cell Phones May Get…More Unlocked?

Despite Apple’s reputation for being a control freak—keeping their app store behind an ivory gate, limiting what computer languages can be used on their devices—but they may some day through the American cell phone industry into a dynamic beyond unlocked cell phones.

There are many reasons to love unlocked cell phones: having no contract so you can get the best deal, being able to mod the software and delete the carrier junk apps (and then scratching off the corresponding branding), and just being able to say f-you to the companies.

Well, Apple may do all that for you. They’ve already told the carriers a big NO to branding and preloaded add-apps—but they were also recently awarded a patent that would extend those unlocked cell phone like services, AND do the work for you.

Basically, Apple would become a middle-man between the user and the phone companies, leveraging their iPhone popularity for the lowest rates, switching between or mixing and matching different companies without a user ever seeing a dip or change in service. They could even take payments, making the branding, contracts, and other junk associated with all the carriers obsolete.

Of course, unlocked cell phones would still have a place, since not everyone would want an iPhone, so you have to assume that a dual system of some sort would have to emerge, but it’s an interesting future to think about. You’d never have to risk bricking your phone to unlock it again!

Shop Around With Unlocked Cell Phones

It’s the time of year when new models of popular cell phones get released, but don’t let the excitement get to you! There’s no reason to sign a 2-3 year contract with the first carrier to get the phone you want, it saves you money in the long run to buy an unlocked cell phone, then shop around for the right carrier for you. Then, inquire about no-contract plans, and you’ll save money each month. (Or pick by checking the Better Business Bureau‘s list of complaints).

Unlocked cell phones are phones that work on any GSM provider, all you have to do is pick the phone you want (make sure it’s an unlocked cell phone!) and take it with you when you get your plan. They’ll help you set up your SIM card, transfer contacts, etc.

But make sure you don’t sign that contract! The joy of owning unlocked cell phones is the ability to switch providers. If you had an unlocked cell phone when Verizon cancelled their unlimited plan, it was pretty easy to switch to Sprint (the last company with an unlimited plan).

Tons of factors affect what cell phone companies could do to your plan, plus some companies are notorious for hidden fees. So know the secret: ask about contract free plans, they could save you up to half off your cell phone bill, since the carrier will want to give you an incentive not to switch carriers!

But with unlocked cell phones, it’s easy to switch, if you need to.

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