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Used Cell Phones Offer New Ways To Help Poor

You’ve probably participated in a drive for used cell phones before. You may have donated them so that the underpriviledged could dial 911, or you may have given your used cell phones to a battered women’s shelter, school drive, or drive for soldiers.

But besides the fundamental need to call 911, used cell phones offer the disadvantaged other free services. Many states offer subsidized plans to activate cell phones, and increasingly there are many health services that send free information to cell phones for those who sign up.

When you donate used cell phones to a battered women’s or to another similar charity, one of the services that becomes available is text4baby, a program that offers preganant mothers and mothers of young children free advice, tips, and encouragement to help keep them and their baby healthy.

Whether it helps educate them so they can take better advantage of the care available to them, or helps those who can’t make doctors visits as often as they should, text4baby is a sucessful program that should be available to all women: which is why donating your used cell phones is important.

Despite being a first world country, (and spending more money then anyone on child birth), the US has a horrible infant mortality rate, and even the maternal death rate has increased in recent years. Although some of that has to do with wealthy older women having babies past their body’s abilities, some of it comes from poorer women, especially imigrant women, who don’t have the resources to support a healthy pregnancy.

Used cell phones coupled with free services like text4baby are an easy way to reach these women, and a first step at decreasing mortality rates associated with birth.

Text4Baby is a helpful tool for all moms; to sign up just text BABY for english or BEBE for spanish to 511411.

Have you used text4baby? Let us know about it in the comments.

Used Cell Phones For Emergencies

You already know how using your cell phone for everything—communicating, looking things up, finding a restaurant, checking the weather—is handy. You may not realize how cell phone have revolutionized emergency help, and how donating your used cell phones can help save lives.

Cell phones now help emergency response teams repsond more quickly, as dozens of reports fill in for everything from fires to car accidents, providing opporators with increased details that help save lives.

Of course, not everyone can afford cell phones, especially in this economy. Make sure that you keep your used cell phones out of landfills by donating them to a charity that redistributes them to the needy. Even without a phone contract, used cell phones help people place 911 calls in emergency situations, bringing help to areas where not everyone has a cell phone to call for help!

Used cell phones can also help battered women gain indepence, or used cell phones can be given to soldiers to help them keep in touch with their families overseas.

Pick your favorite program to donate your used cell phones to, or just find a local donation bin in your community.

If you’re not feeling charitable, you can always get Cash For Used Cell Phones. Just fill out the form for a free envelope, and off you go to saving for your new iPhone 4S or the latest from Android and Samsung!

More Schools Move To Include Cell Phones In Classrooms

Computers are now used in most jobs, most homes, and, frankly most pockets. Cell phones can do what computers 30 years ago couldn’t, and many school districts are learning to use this tool to their advantage.

Teaching basic computer skills is already essential, and the most successful school districts are moving to teach more advanced lessons (besides the fact the computers are now a more efficient way for students to take tests and have them graded!). Affording computers, on the other hand, is far more of a challenge. But students have used cell phones for years by the time they reach high school, and teachers are taking advantage.

Want to help education, or support the education of your child? Donate used cell phones to a school district. Or, make having your kid own a cell phone affordable by buying used cell phones, and purchasing them pre-paid minutes (make it an allowance, reward, or responsibility lesson to add to learning).

Used cell phones are also often unlocked cell phones, so you they can be used on any network, which is useful both when donating and when helping your child choose a phone.

It could also be the start of a great recycling program: teaching students responsibility for e-waste, and understanding the consequences of the numerous gadgets in our lives. Encourage your local district to start an e-waste recycling program, using used cell phones as a jumping off point. They can even sell them, and use the profits for computer education!

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