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New Used Cell Phones BuyBack Program!

Cash 4 Phones is Cellular Trendz new buyback program.

Don’t just recycle your phone, get money for it!

Studies have found that most people have one or two used cell phones lying around the house, replaced by a new model. Why do used cell phones lie around? Most people know that it’s bad for the environment to throw electronics away, and that most e-waste contains valuable metal which can be recycled.

Even better, extend the life of your used cell phones, sell them so someone else can enjoy them!

Used cell phones go through a 27 point inspection before they are resold, and are sold with a 30 day gaurentee.

So, how do you get Cash 4 Phones? Click the link, then fill out your name and address, as well as what sort of make, model, and condition used cell phone(s) you want to get rid of. Then you’ll receive a quote on the value of your used cell phones!

Don’t like the quote? It’s no reason to throw e-waste away! Just find an e-waste recycling center near you, and for a total of about 15 minutes of your time you’ve managed to keep your footprint small!

What do you do with your used cell phones?

Save Hundreds of Dollars Starting With Used Cell Phones

Used Cell Phones are the tip of the iceberg to saving money on your cell phone service. Do you know about no-contract plans to pair with your used cell phone? Well here’s 3 easy steps to save hundreds yearly:

1) The initial expense to a no-contract plan is the cell phone. Carriers heavily subsidize cell phones to get you locked into their contracts, but if you can afford the initial cost, you’ll save more money not taking their offer! Of course, when you buy a used cell phone the whole process becomes more affordable to begin, and in the end you’ll have more money saved!
2) Be brave. Ask your preferred carrier about their no contract plans! You could save between $20-$50 dollars a MONTH! (Of course, make sure that you have an unlocked cell phone before choosing a carrier, or that your used cell phone matches the service provider).
3) Profit! That is, enjoy your savings! And your used cell phone!

For shared plans, it may be cheaper to be on contract since adding lines costs very little…but you should still ask! And of course, even if you go with a contract, you’ll still save money with used cell phones for the entire family!

Used Cell Phones Save You Money

Older used cell phones save the most money!

People who really, really want to save money not only use cell phones, but buy used cell phones.

How does using cell phones save you money? With cell phones you can control how much money you spend each month by prepaying for minutes, or by tracking your minutes with your carrier.

With data plans even cheaper, people have begun using cell phone’s data to communicate (which is often cheaper since it’s not prioritised by networks and takes up less room; think a 20 word text vs. connecting a phone call, chatting for five minutes, etc.).

To save more money, used cell phones are a great boon. Free of contracts and carrier affiliations, used cell phones can help to cut a few dollars off the expense of buying and using a cell phone. Used cell phones still offer the same great quality, and can often be bought as refurbished cell phones.

If you really want to save money, older used cell phones (older refurbished blackberries or Nokias) have great durability and function and a huge discount of newer, trendier phones.

Of course, to save the most money with used cell phones it’s important to carefully pick a carrier or pay as you go plan based on how you plan to use your used cell phones.

Some websites will help you analyze your phone bill, but for a fee. Otherwise, careful planning on cell phone use is required.

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