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An Anticipated Used Cell Phone

Motorolla’s Droid Bionic was recently released, but reviews suggest that it’s a phone you’d rather buy used. Cell phones released from carriers often come pre-loaded with junk, and to get a good price the carrier will lock you into a contract (and Verizon, the Bionic’s carrier, doesn’t always have the best prices or reception).

So, wait until it’s an unlocked, used cell phone. It will be jailbroke of unwanted crap, and you will likely get a better price (or similar price sans contract & fees!).

Why else wait for used cell phones? Although it’s got a sleeker body with faster hardware, it’s not scoring high in reviews. The screen is a bit much, and it got a bit thrown together as the release date approached (including an up-to-date pic not being available).

If you wait for it to hit the used cell phones market, you might change your mind, even. Other used cell phones, like the well reviewed Samsung phones, will also be available, making it a good time to upgrade to 4G in a few months (plus, when Apple’s iPhone 5 comes out, prices will likely fall on non-Apple 4G phone in the used cell phones market).

What do you think of the new Droid Bionic?

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