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Looking For A Worldly Unlocked Cell Phone?

In the US, Apple reigns supreme, but for worldwide smartphones… look to Samsung.

Samsung is the leading retailer for smartphones worldwide (Nokia leads phones in general). If you’re looking to be cool when you travel with an unlocked cell phone, look into Samsung.

Unlocked cell phones allow you to switch SIM cards so you can get the rates of the local cell phone service provider.

When travelling, you can go on roaming…which gets even worse internationally! Prepaying for minutes and texts on a reginonal sim card (or getting a tempoary plan if you need to use data) is a much smarter option, but only if you have an unlocked cell phone!

Make sure that you pick an unlocked cell phone that is manufactured to work globally. Depending on your needs, you might pick a Samsung smartphone like the Galaxy S or go with something simpler like a Nokia.

Even if you’re not travelling this winter, think ahead to summer with your next cell phone purchase. Dream of Asia, of Europe, and of all the exciting restaurants your phone can guide you to (as well as the help it can call in an emergency).

Of course, some people may prefer to travel tech free. Even then, it might be wise to bring at least one unlocked cell phone per group.

What Are The Best Brands For Replacing Lost Cell Phones?

If you lose your cell phone frequently, it’s probably best to replace it with something cheap, and to avoid buying from your service provider (most service providers only provide special prices when you renew your contract, but most people don’t lose their cell phones with such perfect timing!).

Another way for the chronic cell phone destroyer to save money is buy buying used cell phones. Used cell phones are actually great, because if you are trying to get value from your phone, apps are actually a more important feature than the latest cell phone style.

Apps being the most important feature, the best used cell phones to buy are something with an Apple OS (Apple used cell phones are a great deal) or an Android OS.

1) Apple iPhones-iPhones, being so expensive new, are a great used cell phone. New or used, the app store provides great entertainment out of the cell phone.

2) Samsung offers a great selection of Android phones, and, like the iPhone, also makes for a better deal as a used cell phone because Samsung’s are a bit more expensive the first time round.

3) HTC are phones made with cutting edge features, at a lower price than either Apple or Samsung. For the best used cell phone deal, HTC is a winner.

Which App store do you like better? Android or Apple?

3 Hot Unlocked Cell Phones

Samsung SGH-z797

You already know all the cost-saving, cool-enhancing benefits of unlocked cell phones, now you just need to find the right one! Here are four good choices:

The Samsung SGH-a797 is a newer unlocked cell phone with a touchscreen that slides to reveal a full qwerty keyboard, making it great for texting and emails. With a 2mp camera, you can take photos that will be great for sharing on twitter or uploading onto facebook.

Here’s a review of the a797.

The HTC Dash is great if you want an unlocked cell phone Blackberry style (full qwerty keyboard below a screen) with a little more style. Rounder and sleeker, the dash is a 3G phone that runs on Windows. It also has a 2mp camera.

The Samsung SGH-a887 Solstice is a touchscreen phone that has a 3mp camera with flash. An unlocked cell phone for the creative minded, it’s a style suited to cell phone photographers.

Here’s a review of the a887.

Unlocked cell phones are great for people who can’t do much with their phones, as well as people who know how to use the myriad of functions cell phones come with now.

3 Different Unlocked Cell Phones To Try


Blackberry Touchscreen and full Keyboard!

Blackberry, Apple, and Android phones are all very popular unlocked cell phones, but here are three other unlocked cell phones to take a look at:

1) The Palm Pre Plus has an amazing touchscreen PLUS a full QWERT keyboard. The palm app store has tons of apps including free games, weather, and GPS aids. Use unlocked cell phones like the Palm Pre Plus on any network, and avoid contracts and hidden fees.

2) The Samsung SGH contains many great features, including email, internet, and photos with a 4x zoom. Most unlocked cell phones are smartphones, which can get price. This Samsung phone offers an affordable choice to access a world of information on the go.

3) Okay, I said I would choose things other than Blackberry, but they just make such great unlocked cell phones that I lied. The Blackberry Touch 9800 was released fairly recently, and it offers all the great functionality of Blackberry (great apps, programming, and reception) as well as what has been long coming: a Blackberry touchscreen with a full QWERTY keyboard.

Whether having full access to your software or no strings with cell phone carriers appeals to you, unlocked cell phones are a great option. Whatever features you like you can find them, and you can optimize your cell phone experience at a great price.

3 Super Popular Unlocked Cell Phones To Buy Right Now

Jailbroken iPhone

There are numerous benefits to buying unlocked cell phones: the freedom to jump networks, the cheaper price of buying refurbished cell phones, the ability to get the most out of your phone… But these three popular unlocked cell phones really deserve a closer look.

1) The ever popular jailbroken iPhone, which sells out quickly, being priced below retail. What makes it so popular? Apple products perform consistently well with minimal decline over their life, are super user friendly, and have become one hell of a fashion statement. An unlocked iPhone allows you to escape AT&Ts peak-hour jammed network, or to choose an everything/unlimited plan (highly recommended for smart phones) that’s a better fit for your family.

2) The refurbished Blackberry Curve 8310 is popular because of its affordability, and because of the high quality of refurbished Blackberry phones. Blackberries are great at multitasking (running a web browser, Pandora, and messaging), have decent cameras, and have great durability. Once you get addicted to your crackberry you’ll want to take it with you if you change networks.

3) The Samsung Epic has WiFi access and Bluetooth support, making it super handy. Like Blackberries, the Samsung Epic also has a QWERTY keyboard, but unlike Blackberries, it also has a touchscreen.

3 Reasons You Should Choose Unlocked Cell Phones

Jailbroken iPhone

1) You can get the phone you want on the carrier you want. This may seem obvious, or you may not care about which carrier you choose, but the truth is not all carriers have the same coverage in the same areas, and certain carriers with exclusivity deals for the hottest phones tend to be the worst offenders at delivering poor coverage. Unlocked cell phones allow you the freedom to have a good phone and good coverage.

2) Use unlocked cell phones the way you want to. In order to milk every penny out of you, carriers have developed an increasingly bad habit of pre-loading cell phones with apps designed to advertise (NFL sponsored ones, for example), apps designed to lure you into their app store, rather than the one for the phone, and sometimes they’ll mod or restrict certain designs of the phone. Unlocked cell phones allow you to bypass many of these problems.

3) Unlocked cell phones offer a better price. Whether you’re looking at an unlocked iPhone, Blackberry Bold, or Samsung SGH-I907, unlocked cell phones are often also used cell phones, and thus are available at a far more reasonable rate.

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