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On A Budget? Use Cell Phones Smarter

If you’re on a buget, a new fancy-pants smartphone may not be in the cards for you—or is it?? Here’s three ways to make owning a cell phone more affordable:

  1. Start with what you buy. Used cell phones are almost as good as new, and often gently used. You can get last years iPhone 4S (if the iPhone 5 finally releases this year) for a fraction of the price. Just check reputable used cell phone dealers, and remember that certain trade-in chains have HORRIBLE reviews.
  2. Only use cell phones when you’re at a wireless hub (at home, work, a coffee shop, book store, etc.). iPhones are already designed to look for the nearest smart phone hub, but it’s a smart way to use Android phones, too! It saves money on that data plan, especially if you’re not on Sprint.
  3. Make calls using data. Minutes can be the most expensive part of using cell phones, (so can crazy texting), but it may be cheaper to just use data—and free WiFi—for everything, including calls. (I recommend downloading Google plus and using hangouts to video call your friends!).
  4. Secret fourth step: make sure to get CASH for that used cell phone! Even if it’s an older model, it may be worth something, and you’re keeping it out of a landfill!

Used Cell Phones Offer New Ways To Help Poor

You’ve probably participated in a drive for used cell phones before. You may have donated them so that the underpriviledged could dial 911, or you may have given your used cell phones to a battered women’s shelter, school drive, or drive for soldiers.

But besides the fundamental need to call 911, used cell phones offer the disadvantaged other free services. Many states offer subsidized plans to activate cell phones, and increasingly there are many health services that send free information to cell phones for those who sign up.

When you donate used cell phones to a battered women’s or to another similar charity, one of the services that becomes available is text4baby, a program that offers preganant mothers and mothers of young children free advice, tips, and encouragement to help keep them and their baby healthy.

Whether it helps educate them so they can take better advantage of the care available to them, or helps those who can’t make doctors visits as often as they should, text4baby is a sucessful program that should be available to all women: which is why donating your used cell phones is important.

Despite being a first world country, (and spending more money then anyone on child birth), the US has a horrible infant mortality rate, and even the maternal death rate has increased in recent years. Although some of that has to do with wealthy older women having babies past their body’s abilities, some of it comes from poorer women, especially imigrant women, who don’t have the resources to support a healthy pregnancy.

Used cell phones coupled with free services like text4baby are an easy way to reach these women, and a first step at decreasing mortality rates associated with birth.

Text4Baby is a helpful tool for all moms; to sign up just text BABY for english or BEBE for spanish to 511411.

Have you used text4baby? Let us know about it in the comments.

Don’t Fight Change: Use Of Cell Phones In Schools

There’s been lots of debate by school districts over how to handle the rapid change in technology as small electronics become fully functonal computers. Ban cell phone use in the school? Ban cell phones from all school property? Or embrace the technology and integrate into lessons?

More and more, school districts are realizing that students use cell phones regardless of the policies they put into place, and that it’s easier to get the desired results (no disruptions in the classroom) if they make policies that acknowledge the reality of the situation.

If you’re a parent who thinks kids shouldn’t use cell phones until they’re 16 (or 18!), here’s some of the helpful ways teachers have figured out to use cell phones in classrooms:

  • To supplement outdated textbooks
  • As a calculator
  • As a dictionary or theasaurus
  • To display maps, art, or other infographics
  • As a research tool
  • As a vehicle that can store books, newspapers, and magazines

Beyond supplementing older tools, by allowing cell phone use in schools teachers are able to teach kids proper use of such devices including good manners, internet safety, and how to get reliable information.

If your local school is instituting such programs, a great way to show your support is to donate used cell phones or pay-as-you go minutes and data. Not all kids can afford to use cell phones, and donating used cell phones in the hands of every child is a great way to encourage technology in the classroom.

Used Cell Phones For Emergencies

You already know how using your cell phone for everything—communicating, looking things up, finding a restaurant, checking the weather—is handy. You may not realize how cell phone have revolutionized emergency help, and how donating your used cell phones can help save lives.

Cell phones now help emergency response teams repsond more quickly, as dozens of reports fill in for everything from fires to car accidents, providing opporators with increased details that help save lives.

Of course, not everyone can afford cell phones, especially in this economy. Make sure that you keep your used cell phones out of landfills by donating them to a charity that redistributes them to the needy. Even without a phone contract, used cell phones help people place 911 calls in emergency situations, bringing help to areas where not everyone has a cell phone to call for help!

Used cell phones can also help battered women gain indepence, or used cell phones can be given to soldiers to help them keep in touch with their families overseas.

Pick your favorite program to donate your used cell phones to, or just find a local donation bin in your community.

If you’re not feeling charitable, you can always get Cash For Used Cell Phones. Just fill out the form for a free envelope, and off you go to saving for your new iPhone 4S or the latest from Android and Samsung!

A Holiday Message About Your Used Cell Phones

Upgraded your iPhone? Sell the old one.

Did you get a new cell phone for Christmas? Don’t throw away your old one!

Used cell phones have life long after their first use, and the metals in them can not only poison ground and water if thrown in a land fill, but some of them are rare and can be valuably recycled.

To remind us of this, Tran Hoang Quan of Westcom Electronics Supermarket in Vietnam spent over 8 months collecting used cell phones in order to string them together and make a Christmas Tree/work of art to remind people that what they are done with may not necessary be trash.

Get value out of your used cell phones with Cash 4 Phones. Your used cell phone may be turned into a refurbished cell phone that may be more affordable for many people, or unlocked for those who want to save more with secret no-contract phone plans.

If you don’t want to wait for the free envelope that allows you to send in your phone, you can always donate used cell phones to the local cause most in need. Low income families, battered women, and soldiers are often collecting used cell phones, which can still be used in emergencies, or to help soldiers call home during the holidays.

Start the holidays without junk. Recycle your used cell phones today.

Find Ways To Save Money On Cell Phones

Available for Sprint.

Hidden cell phone costs are rising. If you don’t have an unlimited plan, it’s time to look for one. A used cell phone is an affordable way to change plans, if your current service has fees for cancelling.

Why are costs rising? HR 3035 could soon pass, and companies, debt collectors (fake debt collectors), and other nefarious businesses will soon be able to robocall your cell phone, text you, junk fax you (if you still have one), and ignore the fact that you signed up with the do not call registry, or that your state has laws against such things.

Make sure to contact your representatives and tell them you don’t want to see HR 3035 passed.

If you lack faith they’ll do the right thing, start saving money now by shopping used cell phones. If you pick a used cell phone that’s unlocked, you can easily take it to a carrier that has a better rate. That way when you get unsolicited calls and texts, the price won’t be so high.

Sprint and some local, smaller carriers still have unlimited phone plans. Then all you have to do is ignore the unwanted calls, not pay for them. Just bring in your used cell phone and have them help you put in the new SIM card (unless you’re going to Sprint, in which case you need a Sprint used cell phone), and transfer your phone book, photos, and more.

Remember, used cell phones are great gifts for kids and younger family members. Share in the comments how you saved money with used cell phones.


Used Cell Phones For Low Income Families

52% of children between the ages of 5-8 have used a cell phone or iPad, but split that into two groups based on income level, and suddenly a disparity appears. Less than a third of low income families have a smart phone, while over a third have low income parents don’t know what an app is. That means a significant proportion of kids haven’t used cell phones by the time they start school.

Cell phones can be used as a diversion, as an educational tool, and as a way to introduce technology to kids. Low income kids who haven’t used cell phones, however, face a disadvantage.

Schools serving income-disadvantaged children have long since been taking measures to improve the technology available at home. Free dial-up internet (with instructions and school support to help parents), as well as refurbished computers have been supplied through charitable programs, but as new technology appears, not all programs are keeping up.

Used & refurbished cell phones are another step that schools will have to take. Schools have already begun using cell phones in class rooms, both letting kids participate through text, and introducing educational apps, much the way that educational computer games were played in the 90s.

Affordable, and certainly donatable, used cell phones should be collected and distributed through schools so that young kids are introduced to technology early on, as well as able to fully participate and interact with their peers. If kids are communicating through chat, it’s easy to see how economic segregation might quickly occur.

Used Cell Phones Are Best For Avoiding Radiation

Older used cell phones emit less radiation!

Microwaves, radio/cell phone signals, and other low frequency “radiation” has been used for over half a century with no evidence that it causes harm (bad radiation, from the sun, nuclear waste, etc. works by disrupting DNA, low frequency signals don’t).

Of course, caution is best, and many people mitigate damage by how they use their cell phones: you can use a blutooth headset, buy used cell phones (older used cell phones do less, emitting less radiation), and carry your phone in your purse/bag, not pocket.

Now some are calling for a change in how cell phone radiation risk is assessed. In contrast to the old model, they want a broader estimation of emissions: children have smaller, more affected heads than the model, people use cell phones more (phones emit radiation whether or not they’re being used, so carrying it in your pocket is a source of exposure).

The best way to avoid radiation, if you’re concerned, is to not use cell phones. Or, you can buy old models (think original Nokia) that aren’t preforming constant services like GPS, twitter updates, etc., and thus emit less radiation.

Of course, you’ve got nothing to worry about. The biggest risk from cell phones is if they overheat. Pick up an extra battery with your used cell phone, and it will do a lot for you.

Nokia Used Cell Phones Still Popular

10 years ago, Nokia phones were one of the most common sights, and they still are world wide despite fancier smart phones from Samsung and Apple being more popular in the US.

In terms of used cell phones, Nokia phones last forever. You’ll have to update to have your phone work on the next generation broadband before it will die, although it may not have the pizzazz of other phones, and it’s economical, before and after it become a used cell phone.

Now though, Nokia has found a way to spice up their ringtone to appeal to younger kids/teens (Nokia phones are a great first cell phone, whether a new or used cell phone, because of their price, and because they rack up a smaller bill that smart phones with tons of data use).

Introducing the new Nokia ring tone…the dubstep version. Dub step is both a musical style as well as dance style that has become popular over the last two years. The new ring tone was chosen through a competition.

I for one, love the new ringtone. It’s melodic, modern, and shows that Nokia still has tons of vitality.

Already have a used cell phone? You can download the ringtone if you like it.

Do you love or hate the new Nokia ring tone? If you love it, are you adding it to your used cell phone?

An Anticipated Used Cell Phone

Motorolla’s Droid Bionic was recently released, but reviews suggest that it’s a phone you’d rather buy used. Cell phones released from carriers often come pre-loaded with junk, and to get a good price the carrier will lock you into a contract (and Verizon, the Bionic’s carrier, doesn’t always have the best prices or reception).

So, wait until it’s an unlocked, used cell phone. It will be jailbroke of unwanted crap, and you will likely get a better price (or similar price sans contract & fees!).

Why else wait for used cell phones? Although it’s got a sleeker body with faster hardware, it’s not scoring high in reviews. The screen is a bit much, and it got a bit thrown together as the release date approached (including an up-to-date pic not being available).

If you wait for it to hit the used cell phones market, you might change your mind, even. Other used cell phones, like the well reviewed Samsung phones, will also be available, making it a good time to upgrade to 4G in a few months (plus, when Apple’s iPhone 5 comes out, prices will likely fall on non-Apple 4G phone in the used cell phones market).

What do you think of the new Droid Bionic?

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